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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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General / Safety
Late Model
Semi Late Model
Street Stock
Pure Stock
FWD 4-Cylinder
2018 Semi Late Model Rules


See GENERAL RULES and SAFETY RULES that apply to all classes.
All requirements listed in those sections MUST be met unless an exception is clearly stated.

  1. Late model chassis permitted, 103 wheelbase minimum.

  2. No glass permitted.

  3. Aluminum or rubber nose permitted.

  4. Full floorboards and fire walls in drivers compartment.

  5. No sideboards or wings permitted.

  6. Maximum deck height 38 inches.

  7. Maximum spoiler height 8 inches.

  8. Maximum length of spoiler sides or center support 18 inches.

  9. Maximum deck height with spoiler 46 inches.

10. No part of the body or frame will be longer than 46 inches from the center of the rear wheels to the rear of the car.

11. All cars must have tow hooks or cables clearly visible.


1. Any suspension permitted.

2. Fixed valve shock only, NO adjustable shocks of any kind anywhere. No Schraeder Valves, no exceptions.


3. Quick change or 9 inch permitted.

4. Transmission may be standard, automatic or internal clutch racing. Reverse must be in working order.

5. Non-race type transmissions must have protective bell housing.


6. No traction control, mechanical or electrical, will be permitted.

1. 2400 as raced.

    2200 with GM 602 crate

2. All added weight must be bolted securely inside the frame rails.

3. No weight may be inside the drivers compartment.

4. All weight must be painted white with the car number clearly marked on them.

  1. No aluminum blocks.

  2.  Factory cast iron blocks or sealed GM 602 Crate engine, no aftermarket blocks. Cars with GM 502 must be clearly marked at the bottom of the driver's window.

  3. Cast iron heads only, no aluminum heads. Only factory valve stem angle. Example: Chevrolet is 23 degrees.

  4. No dry sump oiling systems or components of any type.

  5. 2 or 4 barrel carburetors gasoline or alcohol.

  6. Maximum spacer / adapter height 2 inch total.

  7. No turbos or super chargers.

  8. No fuel injection.

  9. No nitrous.

10. 360 cubic inch limit.  Engine block must be factory 360 cubic inch or smaller.  Example: No GM 400 block with a 327 crankshaft.  We will be using casting numbers to check this.  Missing casting numbers will be cause for failing tech.

11. Maximum cam lift is 515 measured at the valve as raced.

12. No roller cams or lifters. Roller rockers are permitted.

13. OEM stock stroke crankshaft only.

14. Flat top pistons only.

15. All exhaust must exit the car.

16. All cars must start and run under their own power.


17. Must have 12-volt starting system.





1. Steel and aluminum wheels only.


2. Any tire, 1100 series max.

1. Driver may not race in the Late Model class and the Semi Late Model class on the same night.