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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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Hummingbird Speedway

Transponder Mounting Locations




*All transponders must be mounted securely in a vertical position with the bottom pointed at the track. A plastic shield may be used to protect it from dirt and debris. Metal and carbon-fiber shields will not be permitted as they may cause a loss of signal. Teams will be alerted immediately if a problem is detected via Raceceiver and/or the Pit Steward.


*Teams will be responsible to ensure the transponder is installed correctly and in working condition. Drivers also must be sure they are on the track when crossing the start/finish line. In the event of a weak or lost signal, or a driver crosses the line off the racing surface, they will be scored to the best of our ability.


*There may be no switches between a hard-wired transponder and its power source. Any attempt to relocate a transponder or any other attempted tampering or manipulation of the scoring system will result in disqualification, and in extreme cases may result in a forfeiture of points for the season.


*All transponder numbers must be submitted upon pill-draw or sign-in. If you rent a transponder or acquire a new one please notify the scoring coordinator and provide your number immediately to ensure you are scored properly.



Late Models: Must be mounted in line with the engine mid-plate 12”-18” off the ground. (Preferably on the right side)



Street/Pure Stocks and FWD's: Must be mounted on the right rear frame rail 12” behind the rear axle tube. (Preferably on the inside of the frame rail.)


Micro Sprints: Must be mounted behind the right-front rub rail tube no more than 12”-18” off the ground.