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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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General / Safety
Late Model
Semi Late Model
Street Stock
Pure Stock
FWD 4-Cylinder
2017 Pure Stock Rules
revised 6/26/2017
See GENERAL RULES and SAFETY RULES that apply to all classes.
All requirements listed in those sections MUST be met unless an exception is clearly stated.


 1. Acceptable vehicles: All North American OEM 4-link cars 1965 to present with a minimum wheelbase of 101".  Wheelbase must measure the same on both sides.  No convertibles, trucks, jeeps, station wagons or sport utilities.
 2. Must have full firewall and floorboards in driver’s compartment. Passenger interior may be “boxed in” above floorboard but no higher than window opening.
 3. No spoiler or spoiler sides.  Rear deck must have no more than 2’’ rake (from back to mid plate).  Max deck height is 45’’.
 4. Roof raking 2” max.
 5. No sideboards or wings of any kind or size.
 6. Tail ends must be completely covered (side to side) one half the distance from the highest point of the rear deck to the ground.  In other words, measure from ground to highest point of rear deck. (This must be done with car race ready… tires on and inflated, car on level ground, etc.) Divide that in half and back must be completely sealed that far down.
 7. Body style must be respective to this class and must pass tech inspection approval.

No flat panels on the sides, it MUST be STOCK APPEARING. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
 8. Plastic or rubber nose and tail piece permitted.  One or two piece. Nosepiece must be stock type. No late model style noses permitted.
 9. Must remain OEM appearing. Front and rear suspension mounts on frame MUST remain STOCK and in STOCK LOCATIONS.  Altering will result in disqualification.  Rectangular tubing may be used to replace rusted frames behind rear-end. Any alterations MUST HAVE TECH APPROVAL. Rear weight jacks are permitted.
10. Uni-body frames must have 2’’x 3’’ square tubing joining front and rear frame sections. The Tech Inspector must approve such modifications and agree that it is safe or the car will not be permitted to race.
11. Suspension must match chassis used.
12. No coil-overs permitted.
13. No driver adjustable components.
14. Any coil springs, any shim, or spring spacers are permitted.
15. Cars must have a minimum of 5 inches ride height from the lowest point of the frame

16. Front A-arms tubular upper (non adjustable only) OEM type lower.
17. (Rear) OEM location 4 link or leaf spring only. Mounts on rear-end must remain in stock position on frame, and may not exceed 4” from the bottom of the axle tube to the bottom of the mount. Must use stock-type control arms, factory length.  May change bushings to mono-ball, Heims ends will not be permitted.
18. Shocks must remain STOCK and in the STOCK position. Heims end shocks will NOT be permitted.
19. No adjustable shocks front or rear.
20. Steering must remain OEM for type of chassis used.
21. OEM steering boxes only.
22. No rack and pinions.
23. Steering quickeners allowed.
24. Engine type (GM, Ford, Chrysler etc.) Must match chassis used. Factory sealed GM 602 engine will be permitted on any chassis.
25. Maximum engine size is 350 (GM) 351(Ford) or 360(Chrysler).
26. No fuel injection.  Production fuel injected vehicles must be changed to carburetion. 
27. No aluminum blocks.
28. No aluminum heads. 
29.  No angle plug heads.
30. Double-hump heads are permitted. Part # 10239906 and 12558062 Vortec heads are permitted.
31. Engines may be bored to .040 over bore.
32. Hydraulic camshafts only. (Any hydraulic flat tapper camshaft.) 
34. No solid cams.
35. No roller cams.
36. No roller lifters.
37. No roller rockers. Roller tips will be permitted.
38. Stock stamped 1.5 rockers only! 
39. Furthest forward spark plug in line with upper ball joint. 
40. Factory stock cast iron intakes, or:
Edelbrock #2101-2116 for Chevy
Edelbrock #2181 for Fords
Edelbrock #2176 for Chrysler may be used.
No other Hi-Performance or high-rise intake will be permitted.

No porting of any type.
41. Use 1’’ adapter plate to mount 500 CFM 2bbl Holley carb only.
42. OEM stock stroke crank shaft only.
43. OEM length connecting rods only.
44. Pistons: flat top or dish only; No dome tops permitted.
45. OEM type ignition systems only.
46. OEM cast iron exhaust manifolds are allowed.  2” ID exhaust pipe from manifold to exit behind the driver.  Street-style in-chassis headers are permitted with max. 1-5/8” and a 3” collector/exhaust.
47. Transmissions must be OEM type – automatic or standard.
48. Standard must have steel blow proof bell housing with an inspection hole in the bottom. 
49. OEM steel flywheels only.
50. Minimum 10’’ single disc clutch.
51. Automatics must have working torque converter with steel scatter shield.
52. OEM rears, Ford 9 inch rear, or floaters permitted.
53. Standard 5-bolt no wide pattern hubs.
54. Rears must be locked.
55. Cars must start and run under their own power.
56. Cars must have working reverse.
57. Minimum weight will be 3200 lbs. (with driver) after feature.
58. Steel 15’’ racing wheels only. 
59. 15 inch tires only.  27.5/8.0x15 max. on 7’’ or 8’’ rims only.  NO BIGGER!!  Recaps allowed.  Any compound allowed.  NO ALUMINMUM WHEELS!!  NO WINTER TREADS!!
60. Bead locks allowed on all four wheels.
Please read and follow all Safety Rules and Regulations found in the section titled SAFETY RULES!
61. Gas only; no alcohol.
62. No driver controllable brake bias adjusters or shutoffs.
63. Other than the requirements or exceptions listed elsewhere within the rules, the car and all components MUST remain stock appearing.