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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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General / Safety
Late Model
Semi Late Model
Street Stock
Pure Stock
FWD 4-Cylinder
2018 Late Model Rules


See GENERAL RULES and SAFETY RULES that apply to all classes.
All requirements listed in those sections MUST be met unless an exception is clearly stated.

 1. Late model chassis will be allowed.  Wheelbase must be a minimum of 103”, no max.
 2. No glass is permitted.
 3. Aluminum or rubber nosepieces are permitted.
 4. Full floorboards and firewall in driver’s compartment.
 5. No sideboards or wings.
 6. Max. deck height 38’’.
 7. Max spoiler height 8’’.
 8. Max length of spoiler sides or middle support 19’’ max.
 9. Max deck plus spoiler height 46’’.
10. No part of the body or frame will be longer than 46 inches from the center of the rear wheels to the back of the car.
11. Any suspension permitted; a driver-controlled jacking device is not!!  Cars must have minimum 5 inches ride height from lowest point of the frame rail.
12. Aluminum blocks will be permitted effective the 2017 season.
13. Dry sumps will be permitted.
14. 2 or 4 barrel carburetors.
15. No turbos or superchargers.  No nitrous oxide.
16. Cars must start and run under their own power.
17. Cars must have working reverse.
18. Quick change rear ends and floaters are permitted.
19. Minimum weight will be 2300 lbs. (with driver) after feature.
20. Any tire 1100 series max.
Please read and follow all Safety Rules and Regulations found in the section titled SAFETY RULES!
21. Alcohol is allowed for fuel; if used, car must be clearly marked with an “A” on the fuel cell and by the driver’s door or A-pillar.