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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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General / Safety
Late Model
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FWD 4-Cylinder
2018 Front-Wheel Drive 4-Cylinder Rules


See GENERAL RULES and SAFETY RULES that apply to all classes.
All requirements listed in those sections MUST be met unless an exception is clearly stated.
All cars must have wrecker hookup. All cars must have fire extinguishers should be in reach of driver. All drivers should wear flame retardant fire suit, shoes and gloves. Window nets are highly recommended for all cars. No radios, communication equipment or mirrors permitted, including pit boards. No computer controlled equipment allowed on any car.  Window nets are mandatory.  No mesh or sprint car style.


All parts specified as OEM/stock manufactured must be standard option parts or equivalent aftermarket parts and must be readily available from car dealer or any auto parts store. Casting numbers must remain on all OEM/stock parts.




4-cylinder front wheel drive passenger cars only. No type of truck, jeep, or 4- wheel drive. No convertibls -tops or open sunroofs .




4-cylinder motors only. Motor must be same size and model as original factory equipment for make and model of car. All motor components must remain STOCK except fuel pump may be modified to   mechanical pump. Motor mounts can be reinforced, but must remain stock rubber. No solid mounting. Fuel injection permitted if stock on make and model. No turbos or superchargers. NO MORETHAN 180- HP




Body panels must be stock manufactured and must be stock appearing at all points. All glass, plastic, chrome, and flammable materials should be removed. No mirrors anywhere. Dashboard may remain intact. Doors should be welded or bolted closed. Stock appearing bumpers in stock location and should have smooth edges. Trunk lid or hatch back must remain on car. No cutting or chopping of body components except drivers door may be hulled for roll cage and trunk may be cut Q.Cfil’. for fuel cell installation. All holes in firewall should be covered with metal. Full metal roof. Sunroof opening may be sealed with sheet metal.




All spoilers must be removed except factory spoilers.




DOT approved, stock production passenger tires only. 8″ maximum tire treadwidth . No racing, winter tread or rough tread tires. No grooving or tire alterations. Must have DOT number and manufacturer’s logo intact. All tires must be same size. Racing tires manufactured with DOT numbers are not legal!




Steel or aluminum wheels only. 13″ or 14″ or 15″ or 16″ wheels. 6″ maximum width aftermarket wheels permitted, must remain same diameter on same axle. Right front wheel may be reinforced but must retain stock dimensions . All wheels should be reinforced with washers and oversized or double lug nuts. No wheel covers!




Carburetor must be stock for make and model or stock fuel injection permitted. No modifications! No turbos or superchargers .




Gasoline only. No alcohol, nitrous oxide, nitre-methane, propylene oxide or additives. Fuel lines should not pass through driver’s compartment.




Distributor must be stock for make and model.




Full stock front and rear frame. No modifications permitted except uni-body frames should be connected by minimum 2″ wide x 3″ high steel rectangular tubing connector rails with .120″ minimum wall thickness . Uni-body connector rails should be connected to the back of the front snout and the front of the rear sub-frame. No holes may be cut in frame or connectors.




All suspension components must be stock production and in stock location. One shock on each wheel. No racing shocks or coil-overs. No weight jacks.




Stock production front wheel drive transmission . Must have working reverse gear. Front wheels may be locked/welded together.




All cars must have stock 4 wheel braking system. Calipers and rotors must be steel. No drilling or lightening of brake components. No driver adjustable brake systems.  No parking brakes permitted.




Exhaust manifolds must be OEM or aftermarket headers.  Exhaust system should be mounted in such a way as to direct gases away from the cockpit of the vehicle.




Quick release racing-type steering wheel is recommended. Steering shaft should be collapsible from factory. All other steering must be stock.




All cars must be self starting. Battery must be in stock position or can be relocated to a safe area in front of the rear axle. If battery is relocated, battery should be securely mounted to the floor in a steel battery box.  Battery disconnect kill switch to shut down motor and fuel pump highly recommended mounted in reach of driver and safety crew, and should be clearly labeled for safety crew.






4-post, box-type roll cage should be constructed with 1 Y.” minimum outside diameter and .095 minimum thickness steel tubing. Must have at least 3 horizontal bars at driver’s side door and 2 horizontal bars at passenger side door, extended outward into door panels. 2 vertical bars between each horizontal bar as additional support are recommended .Roll cage should extend forward on driver‘s side to protect foot area completely. Roll cage should be securely welded to the floor using plating and gussets and uni-body frame rails in at least 4 places. Box frame may be constructed and securely welded to floor as roll cage foundation. Roll cage should be welded together 360 degrees at all intersecting points. 6-point roll cage is highly recommended with diagonal bars bracing roll cage at rear, and should run from frame to top of roll cage. X-brace in roll cage behind driver is recommended. Top of roll cage should be at least 2″ above top of driver‘s helmet. Head rest recommended .Front windshield  opening should have bars or wire mesh and driver’s side window should have quick-release net certified to SFI spec 27.1. All roll cage bars within reach of driver should be covered with non-flammable foam padding certified to SFI spec 45.1. Other than padding, roll cage must remain exposed with no aerodynamic effects. Driver’s door should be plated with 1/8″ aluminum or steel plate. 


Rub Rails:  Rub rails will be permitted between the wheelbase only.  A maximum 1.75" round tube, or 3" x 1/4" flat steel welded to the body.  It may be no lower than the center of the hubs, and no higher than the top of the tire.  Must be TIGHT against the body with NO sharp ends.  Must only be 1 single rail per side.




Fuel cell is HIGHLY recommended and should be securely mounted inside a 20 gauge metal box and secured to frame with a minimum of two 3″ x 1/8″ steel straps on each side. If fuel cell is used, it should be located in the trunk area on all models.

Stock fuel tank in stock position or fuel cell. Fuel tank should be securely strapped to frame and have no leaks. For cars using a stock fuel tank, a 1/8″ steel skid plate should cover the bottom of fuel tank and be securely mounted to frame. The fuel pick up should be on the top or right side of the fuel cell, be constructed of steel and should have a check valve in case of roll over.




A full metal firewall constructed from 18 gauge steel or 1-1/8″ thick aluminum should be joined to seal off driver compartment at front, rear, sides and floorboard .




No added weights.