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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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Frequently Asked Questions
NOTE: The following are answers to some common questions and, in some cases, an explanation of procedures and policies that are used as a guideline for conducting the racing program. Actual decisions made are at the discretion of track management and the officials so minor deviations could occur.
A: Saturday evenings at 7:00PM. (Gates open at 4:30.) Click the "Schedule" link on the left for complete info.

A: On the Reynoldsville - Falls Creek Road (Rte 950) look for the Hummingbird Speedway sign. (The Gospel Center road.) Or - more detailed directions for those who are not familiar with the area... From I-80 Exit 97 (old Exit 16), head toward DuBois. Only about 1/2 mile (and just before the four lane ends) turn right at the stop light just past Sheetz. (Or - if you were coming through DuBois - take Rte 219 North and turn left at the light where Sheetz is on your left and the Pilot Travel Center is on your right.) This will put you on Rte 830. Go through Falls Creek. Turn left on Rte 950. Go 2.7 miles and you'll see the Hummingbird Speedway sign on the left (and the Gospel Center sign on the right). Turn right. Follow the road about a mile and you'll see the track on the left. (Note: If that totally confused you, check out the map on the "About Us" page.)
A: Unless otherwise noted (for special events), regular admission for the 2016 season is as follows:
  • Adults... $12
  • Children ages 6-10... $6
  • Under 6... free
  • Pits... $30

Q: Are season passes available?
A: Pictures are available on race days by seeing photographer Joe Nowak or his representative at the track; at other times, you can contact him by e-mail ( For souvenirs (hats, t-shirts, jackets, etc. and other Hummingbird items)... see Jo Caltagarone at the pit concession, or call 814-653-8400.

Q: What is the rain-out policy?
A: Once half the scheduled events have been completed, it is considered a complete show and the remaining events will be completed the following week(s). If the show is cancelled before then, rain checks will be honored for the next two regular events. If double-features are to be run, they may be split up over a several week period.

Q: How can I find out if the races are cancelled?
A: Check us out on Twitter. (You can also sign up to be a "follower" and receive the Speedway's "tweets" on your cell phone.) We also use "". Text "hummingbird" (without the quotes) to start receiving alerts from there.
A: 16, unless a waiver is signed by the parent/guardian.
A: See below...
  1. Each night, every driver draws a "pill" with a number to determine their starting position in the heat race. The features are lined up based on heat finishes with the following exceptions...
    A "pill" is drawn to randomly select how many cars to invert. It can be from 1 (no invert) to 6. (Note: This used to be from 1 to 12 but never be more than half the number of cars competing that night.)
  3. The feature winner from the previous week will always start 13th. (If they're not there the following week, they'll start 14th the next time they do appear.) This is waived for events paying extra money or points.
  4. A driver winning three features in a row will start last the next week.
  5. New cars (first time at the track this season) will tail the field for their heat race, but earn a qualifying spot for the feature same as any other driver.
Note: 3, 4, and 5 apply to point events only.
Here's an example based on the actual Limited Late Model lineup for 8/1/09:

1. 55

2. 1B

3. 3D

3. 8

5. 01

6. 1E

7. 78

1. 15

2. 7

3. 53

4. 50

5. 96

6. 34

7. 99X

1. 14R

2. 95

3. 27C

4. 2R

5. 36

6. 18


The 1B is the feature winner from the previous week so he will start 13th.

The invert pill drawn was 12. Since that is more than half the field, an invert of 10 will be used.


The feature is lined up as follows:


Row 1508
Row 227C53
Row 33D95
Row 4714R
Row 51555
Row 62R01
Row 71B96
Row 8361E
Row 93418
Row 107899X


Q: How does the points system work?

A: See below...
Heat races:
  1. 5
  2. 4
  3. 3
  4. 2
All other cars that start the heat – 1 point.
  1. 70
  2. 67
  3. 64
  4. 61
  5. 58
  6. 56
  7. 54
  8. 52
  9. 50
  10. 48
  11. 46
  12. 44
  13. 42
  14. 40
  15. 39
  16. 38
  17. 37
  18. 36
  19. 35
  20. 34
  21. 33
  22. 32
  23. 31
  24. 30
DNS (Did Not Start) / DNQ (Did Not Qualify) - 25.
Non-point / double-point events (Mid-Season and Season Championships) are indicated on the schedule.

Q: Are points awarded to the car or driver?
A: Points go with a combination of car AND driver. In other words, a substitute driver OR a substitute car can be used, but not BOTH. (A driver cannot have someone else use their number to get points.)) Note the following exceptions:
  • In the Front-Wheel Drive Four Cylinder class… points go with the car. (There can be multiple drivers.)
  • In the Steel Block Late Model, Street Stock, and Pure Stock classes… a substitute driver will be allowed up to three times within a season.


Also... Cars cannot be renumbered after racing has begun for the evening and drivers must use the same car for the feature that they qualified in, meaning a driver whose car is unable to continue can not use another one.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what drivers can compete in a given class?
A: Yes. Any driver that has won in an “upper” class (either in the current season or the past two years) cannot move back down more than one class (unless the win was as a “substitute” driver for another team).
Q: Who is responsible for calls made as a result of a caution and how cars line up for a restart, and can you give a brief explanation of how that is determined?
A: The flagman is in control of things anytime cars are on the track. He receives input from other officials, but he has the final say on what is done.
All cars involved in a caution are “charged” with the caution and put to the rear of the field. In general, this usually means all cars that are stopped on the track when the yellow comes out. If a car stops AFTER the yellow flag is displayed, they will get their spot back. If they stop to avoid the accident and do not make contact with anyone/anything, they will get their spot back. Also, if the yellow is for one incident and another happens at the same time elsewhere on the track, only the cars for whom the caution is displayed will be "charged".
Unsafe or intentional rough driving is subject to penalty at the discretion of the flagman. This may also result in exceptions being made to the above.
If a caution is called for one of the infield tires being hit and pushed onto the track, the car that caused it will be charged with the caution.
Two cautions in a heat or three in a feature will result in a black flag.