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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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Saturday September 28th was a special night for many at Hummingbird Speedway as former track manager Mick Orsich was remembered. It was also a special night for Chris Farrell of Clearfield as he picked up a big win over the BWP Bats late model field for their biggest event of the 2013 season at the track. Rules were opened up to allow super late models to join the track’s regular steel block late model competitors. This drew a number of new race teams to the track. Doug Eck from Corry took the checkereds first in the Community First Bank “Dash For Cash” and Ryan Christoff, hailing from Canonsburg, came out on top for the Late Model “King Of The Hill”.

Following preliminary qualifying events, the 16-car bracket match race for Late Model “King Of The Hill” was held. Kutsel’s 322 Auto Sales, Hummingbird Speedway, RNI Trucking, and McGarvey Equipment contributed funds for a payout that was distributed among the top five and run in memory of Leo Klebacha. Ryan Christoff made his way through the brackets and topped Doug Eck in the final round to claim the victory. Following Christoff and Eck were Darrell Bossard from Centerville in 3rd and Dwayne Brooks from Falls Creek in 4th.

Then the Community First Ban “Dash For Cash” was run among the top two in each of the Late Model heat races to determine the starting order at the front of the field for the late model feature. A random draw put Dave Buchanan of Cherry Tree and Doug Eck on the front row. Eck took the lead at the drop of the green flag, but Buchanan spun before a lap was completed. On the complete restart, Eck again powered out to claim the top spot and never looked back as he took the victory and claimed the pole position for the start of the feature. Following him across the line were Dwayne Brooks, Darrell Bossard, Paul Kot from Brockway, Bob Connor from DuBois, Chris Farrell, Buchanan, and Denny Fenton from Clearfield.

The Warrior Energy Services Street Stocks were the first class to take to the track for their feature event. Joe Kot and Brandon Connor, both from DuBois, led the field to the green flag. Kot took the early lead, but was overtaken by Ed Connor on lap three. They ran one and two and endured several cautions until both were involved in one of the cautions At this late stage in the season, racers run even harder than they normally do and “being on the edge” sometimes results in crossing over that line and losing control. That was evident as drivers pushed hard to try and gain positions. Tom Slack of Sabula was the next to lead, while being pressured by Brandon Connor of DuBois. Connor got by Slack, but the two made contact relegating both cars to the back of the field when the caution came out. Ed Connor had worked his way back up to third and again inherited the lead. Tim Fannin of Ridgway had stayed out of trouble the entire event and ran second. As green flag laps clicked off, Ed Connor began to stretch out his lead over Fannin and brought home the win. Following Connor and Fannin across the line were Jay Blum from Shippenville, Kot, and Don Henry from Brockway. The lone heat race winner was Joe Kot.

Now it was time for “the main event”, the 35 lap late model feature. By virtue of the “Dash For Cash” finish, Doug Eck and Dwayne Brooks were on the front row. Brooks grabbed the early lead, and Paul Kot got around Eck for second on lap two. The action was fast and furious with 25 cars running green flag laps until a caution came out after King Of The Hill winner Ryan Christoff and Tom Shaffer were involved in an accident that brought of the caution on lap five. On the restart Brooks again maintained the lead over Kot, with Farrell in third. The leaders closed in on lapped traffic by lap eight, and this played a part in the positioning of the leaders as Brooks made contact while trying to get around one of the cars while leading. He slowed enough for Farrell, who had gotten by Kot, to take the lead. Several more cautions near the midway point of the event kept the field close, but Farrell was able to get good restarts and power away every time the green flag flew. Kot had been running second, but Brooks got back by him, as did Doug Eck. At the midway point it was Farrell, Brooks, Eck, Kot, and Darrell Bossard. There was heavy racing throughout the field for positions, but everyone was watching Farrell up front as he used the high line to maintain his front-running spot. Brooks got alongside on a lap 21 restart but Farrell maintained the lead. Brooks almost spun and regained control, but lost several spots. With ten laps to go Farrell continued to show the way, being chased by Kot, Bossard, Eck, Bob Connor, and Brooks. Several late race cautions again bunched the field, but no one had anything for Farrell. The race was on for every other spot as the drivers jockeyed for position, and with five laps remaining Billy Dickson from West Decatur and Denny Fenton from Clearfield had made their way towards the front, but they were running out of time. On the final lap, Kot’s car broke coming out of turn two and as he slowed, Denton Boyer was unable to avoid contact. Kot’s night was ended and it set up a green-white-checkered finish. In the end, Farrell held off Eck, Bossard, Dickson, and Brooks to capture the win.

The always exciting pure stock class was next to take the track for their final feature event of 2013. Lone heat race winner Mike Miller of DuBois started on the pole, flanked to his outside by Bobby Siegel from Morgantown, West Virginia. Siegel grabbed the early lead and was chased by Miller. It looked like the entire event may go caution free, and at the hallway point it was still Siegel showing the way, followed by Miller, Milo Kemmer of Brookville, Shawn Munoz of Punxsutawney, and Cory Silvis of Brookville. Siegel stretched out his lead as the laps wound down. With three laps to go, Kemmer spun for the race’s only caution. Siegel continued to lead after the restart and for the final three laps to take his first feature win at the track.

Closing out the night’s racing action, and putting the 2013 season in the books, were the Front-Wheel Drive Four Cylinders. This was also a special event for them, with an increased purse thanks to sponsor Andy Man’s Car Care of Reynoldsville. Heat race winners Steven Hill of Brookville and Zach Lindemuth of Brockport started on the front row. Lindemuth took the lead on the start and maintained it through the caution-free event. When the checkered flag flew it was Lindemuth, Hill, Jim Fye from Reynoldsville, John Campisano from Punxsutawney, and Aaron Hill from Brookville.

Hummingbird Speedway owners and management would like to thank all who contributed to make the 2013 season a success. A banquet is planned for November 9th at The Bellamauro in Reynoldsville. Those interested in attending should call the track office at 814-653-8400 to get tickets. For more details on race results, upcoming events, etc. visit the track’s website at


1. 53 Chris Farrell, Clearfield
2. 03 Doug Eck, Corry
3. 22B Darrell Bossard, Centerville
4. 32 Billy Dickson, West Decatur
5. 1B Dwayne Brooks, Falls Creek
6. 55 Denny Fenton, Clearfield
7. 18 Bob Connor, DuBois
8. 5R Jerry Redden, Mahaffey
9. 14R Derek Rodkey, Osceola Mills
10. 3D Bill Davis, Luthersburg
11. 00 Eric Moore, Frenchville
12. 1P Rod Phillips, Punxsutawney
13. 96 John Brady, Clearfield
14. 48JR Rich Runyan Jr., Brockway
15. 72 Chuck Parker, Ashville, NY
16. 36 Paul Kot, Brockway
17. 56 Denton Boyer, Punxsutawney
18. 10 Ryan Christoff, Canonsburg
19. 33 Bernie Whiteford, Hastings
20. 38, Mike Butterworth, Philipsburg
21. 9 John Reed, Reynoldsville
22. 12 Cheyenne Reed, Punxsutawney
23. 72 Dave Buchanan, Cherry Tree
24. 16 Dan Stormer, Corsica
25. 47S Tom Shaffer, Punxsuawney


1. 33 Ed Connor, DuBois
2. 96E Tim Fannin, Ridgway
3. 328 Jay Blum, Shippenville
4. 37 Joe Kot, DuBois
5. 68 Don Henry, Brockway
6. 8R Tom Slack, Sabula
7. 05 Brandon Connor, DuBois
8. 7 Matt Howell, Clearfield
9. 01 Steve Arthurs, Falls Creek


1. 76 Bobby Siegel, Morgantown, WV
2. 88 Mike Miller, DuBois
3. 15M Shawn Munoz, Punxsutawney
4. 8 Cory Silvis, Brookville
5. 4T Randy “Tank” Coombs, Big Run
6. 48 Milo Kemmer, Brookville
7. 2W J.R. Wick, Brookville
8. 88 Dale Elkin, Big Run


1. 34 Zach Lindemuth, Brockport
2. 14 Steven Hill, Brookville
3. 4F Jim Fye, Reynoldsville
4. 8C John Campisano, Punxsutawney
5. 20 Aaron Hill, Brookville
6. 74 Stephanie Lucas, Philipsburg
7. 75 Brian Sprague, Brookville
8. 31B Frank Barrett, DuBois
9. 35B Kody Barrett, DuBois
10. 45 Jeremy Annis, St. Marys
11. 3L Tanner Lansberry, Marion Center
12. 75 Kevin Lannigan, Shippenville