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Hummingbird Speedway
Mick Orsich and Ina Caltagarone Memorial Race Report
September 12, 2014
By: Randy Albert
The annual Mick Orsich and Ina Caltagarone memorial races were combined this year due to recent weather conditions and the fans were treated to a number of great special races as well as two very competitive regular divisions at Hummingbird Speedway.  In addition to the special races for the BWP Bats Late Models and the Street Stocks there was a “King of the Hill” late model race, a Street Stock “Dash for Cash”, and regular shows by Dilullo Transport Pure Stocks and Aarons of DuBois Front Wheel Drives.  These activities combined with many different fund raising activities are just of the ways the fans, drivers, and track support the fight for a cure for cancer in our area.
Chris Farrell from Clearfield continued to dominate the field and track with his win in the BWP Bats 35 lap late model race.  In the Street Stock race Steve Arthurs from Falls Creek kept it smooth and steady to take the checkered flag.  The Dilullo Transport Pure Stock race went to Zack Gustafson of Weedville and John Campisano continued his winning ways in the Aarons Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder division.  Trophies for the night were sponsored by BWP Bats, PA Racing Outreach, Jacks Distributing, Clearfield Dairy Queen, and the Stoltz Family Dealerships.
Other special races included the BWP Bats Late Model Kong of the Hill where two cars compete head to head with the winner advancing.  John Britsky was the winner of the event.  It was sponsored by Kutsel’s 322 Auto Sales, McGarvey Equipment, and Dalbo Tank Service.
Street Stock drivers participated in a Dash for Cash with Kyle Shannon from Brockway coming out on top.  Miller Chemical and Supply was the sponsor for this special event.
The BWP Bats were first out for the annual Mick Orsich Memorial race featuring a 35 lap, open rules event.  Doug Eck from Corry and Duane Stiner out of Houtzdale lined up in the pole for the start of another exciting evening of racing at Hummingbird Speedway.  Bob Sullinger waved the green flag and Eck was out to the lead with John Britsky from Indiana hot on his tail and moving under him for the lead coming out of turn four.  Eric Moore from Frenchville and Chris Farrell, two Hummingbird regulars, wasted no time in moving into the fray with Moore in third and Farrell challenging Stiner for fourth place.  Paul Kot from Brockway was the next regular to come into the picture pulling up on the back bumper of Farrell and Stiner.  Kot had the car hooked up on the bottom as he moved by Farrell, Stiner, and Eck.  Moore used the opportunity to pull up on Britsky to challenge for the lead.  Moore could pull up alongside the leader but couldn’t quite make the pass but it really didn’t matter as Kot powered by Moore coming out of turn two to take his shot at Britsky.  It didn’t take long as he nosed under him on the next lap and made a clean pass taking the lead from Britsky in one and two.  Kot had the lead on a restart and Farrell must have liked what he saw in the low grove as he moved down to follow Moore passing Eck using the same low line.  Moore made the pass into second but pushed high coming out of turn two causing Eck to check up.  Farrell was there waiting and had the momentum coming out of the turn propelling him past the two cars and into the second position.  Moore, never one to give up unless there is no other, regained composure to challenge Farrell on the bottom but again couldn’t quite make it stick.  Kot had a good run going but Farrell was trying to find every ounce of bite available on the track.  After using the low groove to move into second, he went back to the high side nearly grazing the fence in turn two with each lap.  Moore had has hands full with Eck losing the third spot to him but he came back to retake the position a few laps later.  Kot was having a good run, and on a regular 25 lap night it would have been enough but tonight there were 35.  Farrell moved to his outside on a restart with Moore looking down low behind both drivers.  Whatever edge Farrell was looking for earlier he found it up against the turn two fence using the advantage to propel his car off the turn and into the lead down the backstretch.  The drivers soldiered on for the closing laps of the race with Moore trying to pressure Kot while Eck settled in third.  Behind them Denny Fenton from Clearfield and Ed Connor out of DuBois had managed to move into the fourth and fifth spots.  Farrell had a comfortable straight away lead at the throw of the checkered flag followed by Kot and Moore nose to tail then a gap back to Eck and Fenton.  It was a fitting ending to a very successful year for team Farrell.  Good equipment, meticulous preparation, driving skill and a little luck all make for a stellar season and closing race by Chris Farrell and the team.
Heat race winners in the BWP Bats, Mick Orsich Memorial Late Model division included Garrett Krummert, Chris Farrell, Eric Moore, and Duane Stiner.
Kyle Shannon and Paul Kot made up the front row for the start of the Ina Caltagarone Memorial Street Stock feature race.  Both drivers are based in Brockway.  Shannon took advantage of the pole position moving into the lead early with Colton Gearhart from DuBois in tow.  Steve Arthurs out of Falls Creek also made the best of the start moving past Kot to take the third spot.  After a restart Arthurs edged under Gearhart into the second position as Bruce Hartzfeld from Stump Creek worked the outside of Kot trying to gain the advantage.  A number of cautions set and reset the field with Gearhart appearing to have mechanical issues causing him to fall off the pace.  Arthurs managed to take the lead from Shannon on the next restart with Matt Hugill from LaJose and Brent Johnson form Brookville making moves into the second and fourth positions respectively.  Arthurs held a small but comfortable lead as Shannon tried to regain the second position but fell off the pace a bit allowing Johnson to drop low in turn three and complete the pass on the next lap.  Kot tried to do the same.  Arthurs stayed the course through some late race lap traffic as well as a couple of restarts with Johnson moving under Hugill to take the second spot as the white flag flew.  Shannon had migrated back to fourth followed by Kot in fifth.  A nice run by Arthurs amid some stiff competition.
Heat race winners included Colton Gearhart, Steve Arthurs, and Matt Hugill.
Dilullo Transport Pure Stock drivers made their way onto the racing surface for their feature event.  Leading the way was Zack Gustafson out of Weedville and Dustin Challingsworth from St Marys.  Gustafson jumped to a slight lead early with Challingsworth on his outside.  Ron Winslow from Weedville moved into second place as Doug Surra from Kersey fell in behind him.  Winslow made a move past Challingsworth into second place but Challingsworth was able to retake the position leaving Winslow to deal with Surra who eventually was able to find room against the tires to take the position.  On a restart Gustafson was in control with Challingsworth on his bumper and Surra looking to the outside.  Challingsworth moved up the track and Surra was there to move into the slot on Gustafson’s bumper in the low groove.  The duo was doing some very close racing trying to unseat the leader Gustafson with Johnny Macormac out of Knox close behind on their tail.  Challingsworth edged ahead on the outside going down the back stretch but Gustafson held him off leaving little racing room for Surra who was looking to the left of Gustafson for an opening.  The last lap still had Gustafson ahead by a small margin with Surra, Challingsworth, and Macormac crossing the line nearly nose to tail as the checkered flag flew for Gustafson.
Heat race winners included Zack Gustafson, Dustin Challingsworth, and Ron Winslow in the Dilullo Transport Pure Stocks.
The final feature event of the evening and racing season at Hummingbird was the Aarons of Dubois Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders.  Josh Frantz from DuBois and John Campisano out of Punxsutawney graced the front row and led the hard chargers to the green flag.  Frantz held a slight advantage with Campisano on his tail and Aaron Luzier from Clearfield moving past Cory Reitz from Brockway into third.  Campisano faded high opening the door for Luzier to take second before a caution flag flew.  Campisano rebounded on the restart ducking under the two leaders to retake the lead.  Reitz was a short way back in fourth but unable to make a charge at the lead group.  Campisano settled into a small lead but not for long as Luzier pulled up on his back bumper and ducked under him coming into turn one.  With a slower lap car ahead the two split it high and low coming onto the back stretch.  Luzier used the pic to continue to take the lead through three and four, down the front stretch, and into turn one where he faded a bit high and Campisano was there shooting back into the lead between Luzier and a slower lap car.  Frantz was temporary spectator behind the leaders but wasted no time in challenging Luzier again for second swapping places and paint when the two got together on the front stretch.  Frantz took the position but Luzier shot right back down the backstretch, through the turns, down the front stretch and into turn one.  Their activities gave Campisano the edge on the last lap with Luzier taking second by a car length over Frantz.
Aarons of DuBois Front Wheel Drive heat race winners included Josh Frantz, John Campisano, and Matt Bryant.
Hummingbird Speedway would like to thank all of the fans drivers, crews and track workers for making this year a success.  Hummingbird Speedway provides a family friendly environment and competitive action for the racing enthusiast.  Visit the speedway web site at for details on next week’s race, final point standings, weekly photographs, and more.

BWP Bats Late Models
1. 53                    Chris Farrell                Clearfield
2. 36                    Paul Kot                       Brockway
3. 00                    Eric Moore                  Frenchville
4. 03                    Doug Eck                     Corry
5. 55                    Denny Fenton              Clearfield
6. 102                  Ed Connor                   DuBois
7. 18                    Andrew Gordon           DuBois
8. 73                    Devin Lewis                 Weedville
9. 1B                    Dwayne Brooks           Falls Creek
10. 11                    Curtis Teats                 Morrisdale
11. 57                    Bo Lockwood               Hazen
12. 22                    Kevin Lindemuth         Kersey
13. 96E                  Tim Fannin                  Ridgway
14. 45                    Tim Steis                     St Marys
15. 99S                  Duane Stiner               Houtzdale
16. 60                    Jeff Taylor                   Corsica
17. 71                    Bill Eash                      Johnstown
18. 11C                  Kevin Clark                  Olanta
19. 29                    Garrett Krummert      Butler
20. 18B                  John Britsky                 Indiana
21. 50                    Bob McMillen             St Marys
22. 5R                    Jerry Redden               Mahaffey
23. 1P                    Rodney Philips             Punxsutawney
24. 11G                  Dan Gill                       Clearfield
25. 19R                  Rick Tripodi                 Ridgway
Street Stocks
1. 01                    Steve Arthurs              Falls Creek
2. 92X                  Brent Johnson             Brookville
3. 65H                  Matt Hugill                  LaJose
4. 1S                    Kyle Shannon               Brockway
5. 37                    Paul Kot                       Brockway
6. 26                    Kurt Stebbins               Wellsville NY
7. 1                      A J Flick                       Apollo
8. 101                  Bruce Hartzfeld           Stump Creek
9. 960                  Gary Luzier                  Luthersburg
10. 66                    Chris Edwards Jr         Ardenheim
11. 48R                  Bob Rossman              Sykesville
12. 5S                    Scott Winslow             Weedville
13. 9-11                 Tony Brown                 DuBois
14. 54J                   Jamie Cowell               Knox
15. 94R                  Chad Rougeux             Frenchville
16. T-31                 Dom Surra                   Kersey
17. 67                    Ryan Snyder                Emporium
18. 74D                  Dennis Cummings       Wellsville NY
19. 69R                  Brian Rhed                  Brockport
20. 3                      Rich Howell                 Clearfield
21. T3                    Colton Gearhart          DuBois
Pure Stocks
1. 83                    Zack Gustafson        Weedville
2. 3AA                  Doug Surra                  Kersey
3. 46                    Dustin Challingsworth             St Marys
4. 7                      Johnny Macormac      Knox
5. 88M                 Doug Zimmerman      Brookville
6. 471                  Dustin Michuck           St. Marys
7. 4                      Jason Beichner            Shippenville
8. 73                    R J Pistner                   Weedville
9. 88                    Mike Miller                 Rockton
10. 76                    Mike Anderson            DuBois
11. 11X                  Brandon Lansberry     Marion Center
12. 55                    Ron Winslow               Kersey
13. 2W                   JR Wick                        Hazen
14. 15M                 Shawn Munoz              Punxsutawney
15. 42                    Dave Kohler                Rockton
16. 32                    Scott Zimmerman       Brookville
17. 26                    Chad Desmett             Clearfield
18. 8                      Milo Kemmer              Knoxdale
19. 21                    Andrew Frey                St Marys

Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders
1. 8C                    John Campisano          Punxsutawney
2. 5L                    Aaron Luzier                Clearfield
3. 158                  Josh Frantz                  DuBois
4. 65C                  Cory Reitz                    Brockway
5. 6                      Eric Luzier                   Clearfield
6. 63                    Dustin Gray                 Weedville
7. 33                    Brian Snyder               Clearfield
8. 23S                  Ryan Shnaffer             Lecontes Mills
9. 3*                    Tanner Lansberry        Marion Center
10. 31                    Frank Barrett              DuBois
11. 76                    Robert Kline                Brockway
12. 99                    Andrew Leigey                        Lecontes Mills
13. 3                      Corin Monoskey          Clearfield
14. 45                    Kyle Isaacs                   Rossiter
15. 31B                  Frank Barrett III          DuBois
16. 110                  Jason Mellott              Tyrone
17. 2                      Rusty Murray              Mayport
18. 14                    Steven Hill                   Brookville
19. 4F                    Jim Fye                                    Reynoldsville
20. 32 (DNS)          Matt Bryant                Weedville
21. 20 (DNS)          Aaron Hill                    Brookville