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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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Hummingbird Speedway Race Report
Saturday September 3, 2016

By: Randy Albert

Hummingbird Speedway remembered one of its own on Saturday night, Mrs. Ina Caltagarone.  Ina, dedicated wife and partner of track owner Louie Caltagarone passed away a few years ago and this race took a moment to remember and honor her efforts to promote and support local dirt track racing in central Pennsylvania.

The highlight of the evening was the Street Stock division with a “Dash for Cash” and 30 lap feature race.  Josh Frantz from DuBois doubled up on his success in the division taking home his first win in the division and the special purse for the win in the feature race while Bob Connor, also from DuBois, made off with the loot in the 8 lap “Dash for Cash” shootout.

Other winners for the evening included Chris Farrell from Clearfield in the BWP Bats Late Model race; Nick Loffredo out of Avis in the Swanson Heavy Duty Truck Repair Semi-Late Model cars; Dustin Challingsworth in the Sunny 106.5 Radio Pure Stock Division, and Matt Bryant from Weedville in the Aarons of DuBois Front Wheel Drive cars.

The 8 lap “Dash for Cash” shootout was first up and included the likes of Josh Frantz, Bob Rossman, Andrew Gordon, Bob Connor, Brian Rhed and Fuzzy Fields.  Frantz moved out to an early lead with brown pressing him early until he bobbled in turn two opening the door for Rossman and Connor.  Connors, in non-typical fashion, moved his machine to the outside line pulling up along Frantz in turns three and four and making the pass down the front stretch.  Frantz battled back for a lap or so but began to lose ground to Connor.  Fields managed to get by Frantz on the final lap while Connor went on to take the win and the cash.

The BWP Bats Super Late Models were the first full event of the evening with Chris Farrell lined up inside Duane Stiner for the start of the race.  With the wave of Bob Sullinger’s green flag the race was up and running and Farrell was out in front. Ed Connor, Duane Stiner and Derek Rodkey all wanted a piece of the leader but they all had to settle for the second thru fourth racing action as none of them could gain ground on the leader Farrell.  A couple of cautions reeled the speedster Farrell back in but it wasn’t long until his lead was reestablished.  Stiner and Rodkey kept it interesting in third and fourth but the short field allowed for a long green flag run and Farrell gained a little in each lap stretching his lead to half a track near the end and the checkered flag.

Chris Farrell and Duane Stiner won the heat races for the Late Models.

Bob Connor and Fuzzy Fields graced the front row for the start of the Ina Caltagarone Street Stock special.  Fields and Connor managed to stay out front for the first half of the race.  Fields held a slight edge running the outside line with Connor holding just off his left rear quarter panel running a tight second.  Josh Frantz and Brian Rhed had to settle for the second tier waiting for the leaders to sort out their differences.  Fields slowed coming out of turn four with mechanical difficulties allowing Connor to control the lead and the others to try their luck which now included Bob Rossman, Andrew Gordon and Ryan Sager.  Connor was leading, but by no means dominating, as Fields separated himself from the second wave and moved to the outside of Connor coming down the front stretch.  The duo did the side by side shuffle for a number of laps and through many cautions.  Rhed was right there throughout the efforts of Connor holding a slight edge along with Frantz trying valiantly gaining a slight advantage with each lap.  All three crossed in front of the flag stand nearly dead even as the laps began to wind down, setting up the scenario for the end of the race.  Frantz looked like he faded high in turn four giving Connor back the lead with Rhed looking low. The three again lined up coming off of turn four with Rhed low, Connor in the middle and Frantz high.  With the white flag coming out Frantz went way high in turn four and instead of  slowing his progress the car hooked up and pulled hard headed down the front stretch.  He carried his momentum through turns one and two leaving Connor and Rhed to decide who would be the runner up.  Frantz took his first Street Stock win with a well-run and hard fought race.  He was followed closely across the line in a nearly photo finish for second between Connor and Rhed with Connor taking the runner up spot.

Street Stock heat race winners included Josh Frantz, Bob Connor, and Fuzzy Fields.

The Swanson Heavy Duty Truck Repair Semi-Late Model cars moved onto the track led by Jason Beichner and Kevin Dickson.  Beichner and Dickson were quickly joined by Nick Loffredo for a three wide foray until Beichner looped his car in turn four.  After the restart, Loffredo and Dickson kept the heat on each other running up front with Kevin Clark, Mike Blazer and Deegen Watt keeping track from 5 car lengths back.   A series of miscues and cautions kept it interesting or at least allowed the likes of Loffredo and Beichner to get back to the front quickly to challenge Dickson who held a slight lead through the stop and go racing action.  Loffredo was putting heavy pressure on the leader Dickson until Dickson got loose in turn two with Loffredo going sideways to avoid the leader.  Unfortunately for Dickson he was charged with the caution and had to restart at the back of the pack.  Loffredo took control of the remainder of the race with Beichner coming back to take second and Clark staying in the hunt for the duration placing third.

Heat race winners included Jason Beichner and Kevin Dickson.

It was a tight battle at the beginning of the Sunny 106.5 Pure Stock race with Josh Fields and Dustin Challingsworth followed closely by Mike Miller and Ben Krause.  The four were a tight pack for a few laps until Fields and Challingsworth broke free of the pack but Fields got loose causing him to loop his car in turn four resetting the field with Miller and Krause at the front for the restart.  Kraus was looking good after clearing Miller but Challingsworth was moving up on his bumper with Fields back in the hunt from the restart.  Matt Howell was also in the game looking to take on the leaders.  Challingsworth nosed under Krause to take the lead with Miller and Fields nose to tail behind him.  Miller and Krause made contact as they worked around a slower car in turn one opening the door for Howell to shoot up into second.  Fields followed suit and shot through the opening as well into third.  Challingsworth made the best of the others misfortune taking the win with Howell just holding off Fields for second.

Heat race winners included Josh Fields and Dustin Challingsworth.

The Aarons of DuBois Front Wheel Drive cars closed out the memorial races for Ina Caltagarone.  Last week’s winner Jim Fye and Matt Bryant led the hard chargers to start the race.  Bryant took the early lead with Fye being challenged by Mike Lucas and Eric Boozel.  Fye managed to hold them off with Boozel eventually getting by Lucas. Bryant had control of the race with most of the action for second through fourth and back in the pack where “rubbin is racin” was on display.  A single caution gave the competitors one last shot at Bryant but he continued to extend his lead with each lap going on to take the win.

Jim Fye and Matt Bryant were the winners of the heat races.

The final event of the season at Hummingbird Speedway is the Mark Deasey Memorial Late Model Open to be held on September 10th.    This race pays $150.00 to start for a 35 lap feature with a $2,000.00 to win purse and lap money.  There will also be a dash for cash for the late models as well as a special purse for the Pure Stocks of $400.00 to win.  The Late Model race is open to aluminum block cars.  Due to the number of cars expected this event will start at 6:00 PM. Join the Hummingbird family for this exciting upcoming event.

Hummingbird offers some of the best in family friendly racing in central Pennsylvania.  Gates open at 4:00 pm with racing at 6. For more information call the track office at 653-8400 or visit the track’s website at  

1. 53 Chris Farrell                            Clearfield
2. 102 Eddie Connor                          DuBois
3. 99S Duane Stiner                           Houtzdale
4. 14R Derek Rodkey                          Osceola Mills
5. 44 Dan Smeal                               Houtzdale
6. 25 Dylan Fenton                           Clearfield
7. 60 Jeff Taylor                               Corsica                        DNF
8. 64 Scott Alvetro                           Reynoldsville               DNF
9. 01 Steve Arthurs                          Falls Creek      DNS
10. 37 Joe Kot                                     DuBois             DNS

1. 158 Josh Frantz                  DuBois
2. 55 Bob Connor                 DuBois
3. 69R Brian Rhed
4. 48R Bob Rossman
5. 22 Ryan Sager
6. 911 Andrew Gordon
7. 960 Gary Luzier
8. 37A Jim Bloom                   Clearfield
9. 23JR Bill Philips Jr
10. F6 Justin Forsythe
11. 1S Kyle Shannon               Brockway
12. 34 Joe Malobicky Jr         St Marys
13. 77 Cragen Brady              Clearfield
14. 12 John McCann                                      DNF
15. 7J Jake Cunliffe               Knox                DNF
16. 43 Pernell Beimel                        St Marys          DNF
17. 28 Fuzzy Fields                 Brockway        DNF
18. 20 George Bailey             Clearfield        DNF
19. 43W Wayne Williams                                  DNF
20. 23R Raymond Reynolds                             DNF
21. 104 Alan Lamb                   Reynoldsville   DNF
22. 28N Nate Smith                                          DNF
1. 9N Nick Loffredo                          Avis
2. 4 Jason Beichner                        Shippenville
3. 11C Kevin Clark                              Olanta
4. 22C Mike Blazer
5. 39 Steve Dickson                          West Decatur
6. 47 Emory Rinehart JR                  Morrisdale      DNF
7. 93 Kevin Dickson                          West Decatur  DNF
8. 21R Brandon Evans
9. 92 Josh Henry                               Clearfield
10. 17 Deegen Watt                           DuBois
11. 32 Scott Zimmerman                   Brookville

1. 46 Dustin Challingsworth             St Marys
2. H8 Matt Howell                Curwensville
3. 78 Josh Fields                   Brockway
4. 10 Ben Krause                  Houtzdale
5. 30 Zach Gustafson           Weedville
6. 44 Jim Challingsworth     St Marys
7. 71S Richard Herman         Osceola Mills
8. 81 Steven Brugmann                             
9. 88 Mike Miller                 Rockton           DNF
10. 53 Dalton Gustafson        Weedville        DNF
11. 18 Dylan Frantz                Luthersburg     DNS
12. 55X Andrew Frey                St Marys          DNS

1. 200 Matt Bryant                Weedville
2. 4F Jim Fye                                    Reynoldsville
3. 151 Eric Boozel                  McVeytown
4. 81 Mike Lucas                  Philipsburg
5. 17 Randy Albert               Morrisdale
6. 92 Jerry Walls                  Sykesville
7. 23A Austin Hockenbury      Morrisdale
8. 8J Jason Henry                 Reynoldsville
9. 52 Dustin Hippler
10. 420 Jessica McClure
11. 358 Zach Frantz                                         DNF
12. 74 Cori McCloskey                                   DNF
13. 11 Jim Boyer                    Penfield           DNF
14. 17Z Zach Lennox                Sykesville         DQ
15. 6 Eric Luzier                   Clearfield        DQ