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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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Weekly Race Report
Hummingbird Speedway
August 24, 2013
By: Randy Albert
Pittsburgh Circle Track Club members were the guests of Hummingbird Speedway this evening and presented trophies from the historic collection of Blackie Watt.  Dwayne Brooks from Falls Creek made it two wins in a row and his fifth win of the year in the BWP Bats Steel Block Late Model class at Hummingbird Speedway this week.  Ed Connor from DuBois continued to show his consistent ways in the Warrior Energy Services Street Stocks with his fifth win of the season.  In the Pure Stock division Devin Lewis out of Weedville is still on top of his game with his sixth win.  Closing out the racing action were the Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders and the driver with the most wins to date is Zach Lindemuth taking home checkered flag number four for the year.
Pole position for the BWP Bats Steel Block Late Models belonged to Gale Huey from Smithport flanked by John Reed out of Reynoldsville.  The hard chargers had a difficult time getting the full lap in for the beginning of the race eventually having to go a single file restart to get the pump primed and get the serious racing started.   When they finally got rolling it was Rodney Philips from Punxsutawney who jumped into the early lead.  Huey, Dave Buchanon from Stifflertown and Jerry Redden out of Mahaffey were watching his back bumper seeing who would make a move on the leader.  Cautions continued to plague the field with Philips holding onto the lead.  The familiar cars of Dwayne Brooks from Falls Creek and Derek Rodkey out of Osceola Mills were moving up through the pack; Brooks on the inside from his thirteenth starting position and Rodkey using the high line from the back of the pack from an earlier restart.  Redden was the first to challenge Philips.  He looked underneath the Punxsutawney driver a number of times but couldn’t make the move to take the lead.  Scott Stein from Cherry Tree had moved up to the third spot with Brooks right on his tail.  Buchanon was in fifth and Rodkey was still a ways off but working the traffic and making progress with each lap.  Brooks continued to hug the tires moving alongside Stein to take away the third spot setting his sights on Redden in second.  He finally got the chance when he dropped low in turn three getting under Redden but it was only for a moment as another caution put Brooks back behind Redden on the restart.  Brooks picked up where he let off taking the second spot away from Redden and quickly moved up alongside Philips who had held the lead from the start.   At this point Rodkey was still back in seventh working the high side.  Brooks tried the low line a couple of times, but he put his thinking cap on and moved to the high side of Philips.  Brooks and Rodkey found the traction in this line to their liking.   With each lap Brooks gained a bit on Philips, eventually moving into the lead as Rodkey broke free from the pack to put the chase on Redden for third.  Another late race caution put the group back together for the finish of an already exciting race.  Brooks dropped the hammer for the green, white, checkered flag by flagman Bob Sullinger and solidified his lead and ultimate win.  Philips held on for second with Rodkey pulling up on the outside of Redden on the last lap making the pass on the back stretch.
Heat race winners included Bob Connor, Dwayne Brooks, and Jerry Redden.
The Warrior Energy Street Stocks lined up behind Joe Kot from DuBois and Brian Rhed out of Brockport on the front row for the start of their feature race.  Kot held the early lead with a gaggle of tough competition behind him including Bruce Hartzfeld from Stump Creek, Rhed, Skip Lindemuth from Hazen and Ed Connor out of DuBois.  There was some tight two and three wide racing behind Kot and Hartzfeld with the likes of Steve Arthurs from Falls Creek, Shawn Lindemuth out of Brookville and last week’s winner Brandon Connor from DuBois coming into the picture to challenge the front pack.  Kot had a nice run going but Ed Connor nosed under Kot’s machine to challenge and eventually take the front position away.  At the half way point it was Ed Connor followed by Kot then a three wide battle between Skip and Shawn Lindemuth with Brandon Connor on the outside line.  A couple of caution restarts gave the competitors the chance to try the luck on the always competitive Connor Team.  Joe Kot was in the middle of the Connor lineup for the drop of the green flag.   Ed Connor held the margin by about three car lengths as the classic side by side, inside outside duel was taking place between Brandon Connor and Joe Kot for second.  Lap by lap Brandon gained a bit of ground on Kot, behind them Rhed had stayed in the game and was taking the same route as Brandon Connor in passing Skip Lindemuth for fourth.  With the laps winding down Ed Connor stretched out his lead with Brandon Connor and Joe Kot not able to mount a charge for the lead.  The last move on the track belonged to Arthurs as he held the high ground moving around Lindemuth just nosing past him at the flag stand for the fifth spot.  This was Ed Connors fifth win of the season, the most of any street stock drive this year.
Street Stock heat race winners included Brandon Connor and Brian Rhed.
Steve Goodrow and Shawn Munoz were the leaders of the pack for the start of the Pure Stock feature event.  Goodrow is from St Marys and Munoz is out of Punxsutawney.  An early caution put last week’s winner, Doug Surra from Kersey out of the race and put the current point leader, Devin Lewis from Weedville on the pole for the restart.  If you have followed the Pure Stocks this year you know it has been either Surra or Lewis on top almost every week.  With Surra in the pits and Lewis on the pole it was Lewis again who controlled the game followed closely by Munoz.  Mike Miller from Rockton, Cory Silvis from Brookville, and Dalton Gustafson from Weedville making up the remainder of the top five.  A long green flag run didn’t deter the competitors with Munoz and Miller keeping close to Lewis.  Munoz actually looked low a couple of times but couldn’t find the traction to take him to the lead.    Miller did the same to Munoz later in the race as Gustafson tried hard to chase down Silvis for the fourth spot.  Gustafson’s good run ended early moving Randy Coombs from Big Run into the fifth spot.  Lewis held on for his sixth win of the season making him the driver with the most wins in any division this year.  Team Lewis has been hitting on all eight cylinders this season and continued to get it done tonight.
Heat race winners included Cory Silvis and Devin Lewis.
The Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder division made their way to the track for the final feature event of the evening.  Steve Hill from Brookville and Cory Reitz out of Brockway held the honors of the front row starting position.  At the drop of the green flag the crowd of cars up front included John Campisano from Punxsutawney, Zach Lindemuth from Brockway and Matt Bryant from Weedville.  Lindemuth managed to slip in front of Reitz on the first lap to race side by side with Campisano for the second spot.  Hill slid a bit high in turn two allowing Campisano to gain an advantage and carry it through turn three and four to take the lead away.  Lindemuth took the hint and moved up to do the same on the next few laps.  Campisano held the advantage through a couple of caution restarts with Lindemuth on his rear deck waiting for an opportunity.  It came a few laps later as Campisano’s machine slowed coming out of turn two giving Lindemuth the lead with Hill in tow for second.  Jesse Short from Clymer had moved past Bryant into the fourth spot behind Reitz.    Another series of late race cautions reset the field and put Hill on the back bumper of Lindemuth with Reitz trying to find an advantage on the high side.  Hill was close throughout the closing laps of the race but Lindemuth held strong going on to take his fourth win of the season.
Front Wheel Drive heat race winners were Cory Reitz, Steven Hill, and Zach Lindemuth.
In a special event ModLite cars were on hand at the track for a 10 lap shootout demonstration race.  The cars are interesting machines powered by 1100cc motorcycle engines.  The participants in the race included Cory Webb from Austintown, OH, Tim Prelog from West Hickory, Darrin Gallagher from Butler, Kenny Hall out of Derry, and Mike Flockerzi from Venus.  The winner of the race was Darrin Gallagher.
The Street Stock Special for September 14, sponsored by Bubba’s Racing Supply and Chassis, is shaping up.  The 30 lap event will pay $1000 to the winner with $70 going to start the feature event.  Lap Sponsors continue to be taken for the event.  With the close competition this year in this class this special should be something to watch.
The annual Mick Orsich Memorial Late Model Open is scheduled for September 21.    To date this annual fund raiser has raised over $25,000.00 for the Hahne Regional Cancer Center.  Special races for the Late Models include the 35 lap feature race with a $2000 winning purse and $150 to start the race.  Other special races will be included as well as other fund raisers and the Chinese Auction all for the cause of treating and curing cancer.  Keep watch for the details for these events and contact the track owner or promoter for opportunities for advertising, sponsorship, or participation.
Some of the best local dirt track racing action can be found at Hummingbird Speedway each and every week.  Steel Block Late Models, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, and Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders make up the regular program with special races and events throughout the year.  Your support of this local racing venue is appreciated by the owners, track crew, and competitors.  It gives local drivers and fans a family friendly venue for racing entertainment each week.    Visit the speedway web site at for details on next week’s race, point standings, weekly photographs, and more.
BWP Bats Steel Block Late Models
1.                  1B  Dwayne Brooks Falls Creek
2.                  1P  Rodney Philips  Punxsutawney
3.                  14R   Derek Rodkey  Osceola Mills
4.                  5R  Jerry Redden  Mahaffey
5.                  09  Scott Stein  Cherry Tree
6.                  11H  Gale Huey  Smithport
7.                  18   Bob Connor  DuBois
8.                  60   Jeff Taylor  Corsica
9.                  68  Josh Kuntzleman Rossiter
10.              33X  Greg Beach  Grease City, PA
11.              J19  Jason Fosnaught Frazer Twp., PA
12.              48 Jr  Rich Runyan  Brockway
13.              33  Bernie Whiteford Hastings
14.              72  Dave Buchanon Stifflertown
15.              9  John Reed  Reynoldsville
16.              4K  Tom Kronenwetter St Marys
17.              77R  Roswell Babcock Curwensville
18.              53  Chris Farrell  Clearfield
19.              16  Dan Stormer  Corsica
20.              36  Paul Kot  Brockway
21.              96  John Brady  Clearfield
22.              41P  Jackie Philips  Punxsutawney
Warrior Energy Services Street Stocks
1.                  33  Ed Connor  DuBois
2.                  05  Brandon Connor DuBois
3.                  37  Joe Kot   DuBois
4.                  69R  Brian Rhed  Brockport
5.                  01  Steve Arthurs  Falls Creek
6.                  22  Skip Lindemuth Hazen
7.                  101  Bruce Hartzfeld Stump Creek
8.                  7  Matt Howell  Clearfield
9.                  215  Brent Lee  Fairmount City
10.              54   Shawn Lindemuth Brookville
11.              28  Fuzzy Fields   Brockway
12.              95  Mike Dempsey Brookville
13.              68   Don Henry  Falls Creek
14.              78X  Josh Fields  Brockport
Pure Stocks
1.                  73   Devin Lewis  Weedville
2.                  15M  Shawn Munoz  Punxsutawney
3.                  88   Mike Miller  Rockton
4.                  8   Cory Silvis  Brookville
5.                  4T   Randy “Tank” Coombs Big Run
6.                  83  Dalton Gustafson Weedville
7.                  13 1/2  William Taylor  Reynoldsville
8.                  25  Steve Goodrow St Marys
9.                  3L  Brandon Lansberry Marion Center
10.              88  Reese Patrick  Big Run
11.              3   Doug Surra  Kersey
12.              48 (DNS) Milo Kemmer  Brookville
13.              2W (DNS) JR Wick  Emerickville
Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders
1.                  34  Zach Lindemuth Brockway
2.                  14  Steven Hill   Brookville
3.                  65C Cory Reitz  Brockway
4.                  52S  Jesse Short  Clymer
5.                  32  Matt Bryant  Weedville
6.                  75  Brian Sprague  Brookville
7.                  20  Aaron Hill  Brookville
8.                  422 Randy Holliday Brookville 
9.                  2B  Rusty Murray  Mayport
10.              357B Kody Barrett  Falls Creek
11.              63  Dustin Gray  Weedville
12.              6B  Frank Barrett III DuBois
13.              126 Jeff McClure  Luthersburg
14.              29Z  Shaun Wulfert  Rochester Mills
15.              8C  John Campisano Punxsutawney
16.              17  Randy Albert  Morrisdale
17.              26  Dylan Frantz  Luthersburg
18.              30  Unlisted Driver 
19.              21M Devin Dempsey Brookville
20.              73  Troy Peace  Big Run
21.              4F (DNS) Jim Fye   Reynoldsville