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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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Hummingbird Speedway Race Report
Saturday, August 15, 2015
By: Randy Albert
Fans enjoyed a night of nostalgia as Bud Garvey brought some of his friends and their vintage racing machines to Hummingbird Speedway on Saturday night.  Also on hand were the members of the Pittsburgh Circle Track Club enjoying a night of racing Hummingbird style and presenting plaques to the winners.  Those in victory lane included Chris Farrell from Clearfield in the BWP Bats Steel Block Late Models, Dave Hawkins from Lower Burrell in the Sunny 106.5 Micro Sprints, Bruce Hartzfeld from Stump Creek in the Street Stocks, Jim Challingsworth out of St Marys in the Pure Stocks, Aaron Luzier in the Aarons of DuBois Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder cars and in a “Wingless Challange” Micro Sprint race it was Robert Garvey Jr from Grassflat taking the checkered flag.
Tim Fannin out of Ridgway and Eric Moore from Frenchville led the field of BWP Bats Steel Block Late Models onto the race track and to the green flag for the start of their feature race.  Fannin and Moore stayed side by side until Moore worked up some speed coming off of turn four to take the lead.  Paul Kot from Brockway slid by Fannin into second as Chris Farrell from Clearfield, Dan Smeal out of Houtzdale and Charlie Powell from Brookville were three wide behind the leaders.  Smeal got a little sideways in turn one but was redirected in the right direction by Ed Connor from DuBois.  Unfortunately Connor had to tail the field on the restart after stopping on the track.  Moore held a small advantage on the restart as Farrell cruised past Kot on the outside followed by Powell.  Next on Farrell’s checklist was Moore with Farrell taking the lead using the inside. Powell managed to do the same but this time on the outside.  Tim Krape from Bellefonte is always exciting to watch and was making his car high and wide coming up along the outside rail.  Moore slid high in turn four allowing Krape to shoot under him and pursue the leaders.  Farrell began to encounter lap traffic which slowed him a little, enough for Powell to gain some valuable ground.  The trio of Farrell, Powell and Krape encountered a traffic jam in turn two but all made it through while some of the back markers pulled the caution.  On the restart Moore and Kot dropped low to chase the three leaders who were using the cushion.  Krape got a little high and loose in turn two and Moore took advantage of the opening moving into the third spot.  Powell put the nose of his machine inside Farrell’s on a number of laps with both cars nearly completely sideways in turns three and four.  Farrell managed to regain a slight lead each time coming out of the corners.  On a final restart Farrell kept Powell at bay but the hot race was behind them as Kot dropped low on Moore.  If anyone can find a way to make the low groove work it is Paul Kot.  He stay the course and gained a little with each lap eventually having just enough room to slide up in front of Moore going into turn three.  Krape challenged Moore for a moment but fell back after getting loose in turn three as a result of the extra effort.  Powell couldn’t mount another serious charge with Farrell going on to take the win.
Charlie Powell had the fast lap of the race at just under 84 miles per hour.  Chris Farrell, Tim Krape, and Ed Connor were the winners of the heat races.
The Sunny 106.5 Micro Sprints were the next division in line to entertain the fans with Mike Wenrick from Pleasant Gap and Robert Garvey Jr from Grassflat lined up together to start the race.  Wenrick held the early advantage with Garvey hot on his tail.  Dave Hawkins from Lower Burrell made his presence known on the second lap wedging his way under Garvey in turn two then doing the same on Wenrick in turns three and four.  Ryan Beatty from Leechburg kept them all in sight from his fourth position waiting for an opening.  Garvey moved to the outside of Wenrick on the next lap pulling up on him in turn two, gaining ground down the back stretch, and making it stick coming out of turn four.  Beatty followed suit making the pass into third.  The caution free race didn’t give Hawkin’s competitors a chance to make a bid for the lead.  Even as he encountered slower cars he managed to work through them quickly and cleanly to go on and take the win.  Dave Hawkins also set the fast time of the race at almost 81 miles per hour.
Heat race winners included Damon Doutt and Dave Hawkins.
Street Stocks wheeled onto the racing surface led by Ryan Newman of Uniontown and Rich Howell from Clearfield.  Bruce Hartzfeld took advantage of an open door down low and powered by the front row going into turn one.  Bob McMillen from St Marys saw the same opening but Howell closed the door coming out of turn two not wanting to loose and ground on the new leader, Hartzfeld.  Howell pulled up along His left side in turns three and four but couldn’t quite make the pass.  McMillen was looking at the tires also for some grip nearly making it three wide in the turns.  A little back stretch bumping reset the field after the caution and the three leaders of Hartzfeld, Howell and McMillen fell in line.  Behind them the action was intense with Steve Arthurs from Falls Creek slipping under Newman and Kyle Shannon from Brockway followed closely by Bob Connor from Dubois.  Up front McMillen could get a heck of a run on Howell going into turn three but Howell held his line and held off the challenge with each lap.  Howell also got some licks in on Hartzfeld a couple of times but couldn’t make the pass.  After a caution Howell faded high on the restart and McMillen was there to take advantage of it pulling into second place with Connor hot on his heels pulling up under Howell.  McMillen made the move to the inside of Hartzfeld and Connor looked on just off their left rear quarter panel.  Hartzfeld held the high ground with McMillen dropping back in line to cool his tires for one last assault.  Connor was down against the loader tires trying to find an advantage.  On the closing laps McMillen gave it his best shot dropping low in each corner only to have Hartzfeld regain the edge coming out of the turns.  The final turn saw McMillen take one more stab at the lead but Hartzfeld took the win by less than a car length.
Bob McMillen had the fastest average lap in the race at just over 73 miles per hour and was a winner of one of the heat races.  Luke Barnett was the winner of the other heat race for the Street Stocks.
Scott Zimmerman from Brookville and Jim Challingsworth out of St Marys had the honors of the front row starting position and taking the green flag by Bob Sullinger.  Zimmerman held the lead on the first lap with Challingsworth just behind him on the outside.  Dustin Challingsworth, also from St Marys was on the inside.  Josh Fields from Brockport pulled up outside Dustin on the front stretch to take away the third position and Doug Surra from Kersey did the same on the backstretch taking the position with the low groove pass.  Jim Challingsworth found the outside to his liking carrying the momentum to the lead position.  Surra was in his usual spot kissing the tires but Dustin Challingsworth thought there was room for one more car putting his machine under Surra on the back stretch.  Surra didn’t give up the ground but was quickly coming up on Zimmerman in second who was using the same upper groove.  Surra tried to fit his car between Zimmerman and Dustin Challingsworth coming off of turn four, just clipping his right front fender, sending Challingsworth to the infield.  This caused his car to spin in turn one and slowed Zimmerman’s run in second.  On the restart Dustin Challingsworth and Zimmerman got their positions back but Challingsworth was helped around in turn one courtesy of a competitor.  Jim Challingsworth continued to hold the high ground on the restarts as Surra and Dustin Challingsworth started their march back to the front.  Zimmerman was hanging on about a car length behind Challingsworth in first and Surra was once again in tire territory gaining ground on Zimmerman with each lap eventually making the pass.  Jim Challingsworth’s car looked good riding about the middle of the turns.  Surra began to knock on the door on the next to last lap pulling up alongside him in turn three.  The process was repeated in turns one and two with the cars neck and neck, Challingsworth having the advantage going down the back stretch by half a length.  Surra pulled up again in turns three and four and had him by a half a length coming out of the turn.  Challingsworth had enough momentum to carry him past Surra where it counted the most, at the flag stand.  His car nosed by Surra’s but only by 3 to 4 feet to take the checkered flag.  I just want to say that Jim Challingsworth is the type of racer that show up every week, tries to stay out of trouble, probably gives anythuing to the other car on the team whenever it is needed, and is always competitive but rarely in the spotlight.  Tonight was his turn to shine.  He held off the advances of a hard charging well prepared team and was there when it counted.  Congratulations Jim on a well-deserved win.
The winner of the lone heat race was Doug Surra and he also had the top average speed of almost 67.5 miles per hour.
Matt Bryant from Weedville and Aaron Luzier out of Clearfield were at the head of the pack for the Aarons of DuBois Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder cars.  Bryant’s car has been fast in recent weeks as evidenced by the My Laps timing system being used to score the cars at the track.  Bryant was quickly out front with a brief challenge from Luzier.  Randy Albert from Morrisdale and Ricky Sheley out of Hazen were following the pair.  A caution reloaded the field for the restart but Bryant was back in control with the others in tow.  John Campisano from Punxsutawney worked his way up through the ranks moving under Sheley into fourth.  Bryant had about a 10 car length lead with Albert trying to hang on the rear deck of Luzier to stay in contention for third.  Campisano was not far behind keeping track of the lead group.  Bryant began to encounter lap traffic but made it through cleanly until another caution regrouped the field.  On the restart Bryant was again in control as Luzier, Albert and Campisano had to deal with a lap car.  Campisano gained the edge over Albert for a moment but had to check up allowing Albert to regain the position going outside of both cars.  Bryant had the race covered but as he came out of turn four, smoke began to come from his right front wheel, allowing Luzier to take the lead followed by Albert and Campisano.  Albert got a good run off of turn two coming up on Luzier’s back bumper and carrying the momentum through three and four trying to slide high for an opening to the win.  Luzier had the advantage and the speed off the turn taking the win with Albert right behind him and Campisano looking on from a close third.
Matt Bryant was the fastest car on the track at just over 64.5 miles per hour and the winner of the first heat race.  The second heat race was won by Aaron Luzier.
The Sunny 106.5 Micro Sprints finished the evening with a “Wingless” shootout.  Mike Wenrick held the pole position but Robert Garvey jumped out to the lead.  Dave Hawkins quickly moved up to challenge Wenrick on the outside making the pass.  He then looked inside Garvey and made the pass in turns one and two only to have a caution reset him behind Garvey for the restart.  Garvey held the lead on the closing lap and took the win as the wingless cars made a best average speed of over 72.5 miles per hour without the aid of downforce.
The regular season is winding down with only two points races remaining. Paul Kot and Chris Farrell are in a tight point battle in the BWP Bats Steel Block Late Model division.  The point race is also tight in the Street Stock class between Bruce Hartzfeld and Rich Howell.  Dustin Challingsworth has the Pure Stock point lead and should fare well as the season winds down as should Robert Garvey Jr in the Sunny 106.5 Micro Sprint division. In the Aarons of DuBois Front Wheel Drives John Campisano is in the point lead slightly ahead of Randy Albert.
Walt’s Garage of Morrisdale will be the trophy sponsor for next week’s race and Double Points night is scheduled for August 29th.  Join us each week for some of the best dirt track racing in Central Pennsylvania.  Hummingbird Speedway offers a family friendly racing experience with good food and reasonable admission.  Looks us up on the web at and join us on Twitter for updates on rain delays as well as preliminary race results.
Final Results
BWP Bats Steel Block Late Models
1. 53           Chris Farrell                        Clearfield
2. 94           Charles Powell Jr              Brookville
3. 36           Paul Kot                               Brockway
4. 00           Eric Moore                          Frenchville
5. 07           Tim Krape                            Bellefonte
6. 44           Dan Smeal                           Houtzdale
7. 102         Ed Connor                           DuBois
8. 96E         Tim Fannin                          Ridgway
9. 13X         Kenny Shaffer                   DuBois
10. 78           Brian Molnar                      St Marys
11. 25L         Colton Gearhart               DuBois
12. 68           Don Henry                          Falls Creek
13. 25           Dylan Fenton                     Clearfield
14. 60           Jeff Taylor                           Corsica
15. 41           Randy Sterling                   Morrisdale
16. 37           Joe Kot                                 DuBois
17. 77R         Roswell Babcock               Curwensville
18. 11           Curtis Teats                        Morrisdale          DNS
1. 27           Dave Hawkins                    Lower Burrell
2. 11X         Robert Garvey, Jr             Grassflat
3. 3              Ryan Beatty                        Leechburg
4. 18           Damon Doutt                     Cabot
5. 17           Brain Forester                   Saxonburg
6. 37           Brandon Hawkins             Sarver
7. 11           Anthony Pasquerella      Leechburg         
8. 911         Mike Wenrick                    Pleasant Gap
9. 03           Craig Cummings                Tarentum
10. 516         Zack Lennox                       Sykesville
11. 52           Dan Wertman                    Danville              
12. 26M       Mike McIntyre                  Timblin
13. 71           Lee Lehnerd                       Cabot                    DNS
1. 101         Bruce Hartzfeld                                 Stump Creek
2. 18           Bob McMillen                    St Marys
3. 55           Bob Connor                        DuBois
4. 3              Rich Howell                         Clearfield
5. 51           Steve Arthurs                    Falls Creek
6. 12           Ryan Newman                  Uniontown
7. 104         Alan Lamb                           Reynoldsville
8. 1S           Kyle Shannon                    Brockway
9. 20           George Bailey                    Clearfield
10. 88B         Luke Barnett                      Mahaffey
11. 43           Pernell Beimel                   St Marys
12. T3           Dom Surra                           St Marys              DNS
1. 44           Jim Challingsworth          St. Marys
2. 3AA        Doug Surra                          Kersey
3. 32           Scott Zimmerman            Brookville
4. 46           Dustin Challingsworth    St. Marys
5. 28           Josh Fields                          Brockport
6. 55X         Andrew Frey                      St Marys
7. 18           Stephen Brugmann         DuBois
8. 8              Cory Silvis                            Brookville            DNS
9. 88           Mike Miller                         Rockton               DNS
1. 5L            Aaron Luzier                       Clearfield
2. 17           Randy Albert                      Morrisdale
3. 8C           John Campisano               Punxsutawney
4. 96R         Ricky Sheley                       Hazen
5. 17J          Zach Frantz                         Penfield
6. 71           Tom Peters                         Clearfield
7. 200         Matt Bryant                        Weedville
8. 126         Jeff McClure                      Luthersburg
9. 3              Corin Monosky                 Clearfield
10. 23A        Austin Hockenbury         Morrisdale        
11. 70           Damion Frantz                   Penfield
12. 77           Joseph Goldsborough    Penfield
13. 69R         Zachary Ruhl                      Penfield
14. 6              Eric Luzier                            Clearfield
15. 33           Bryan Snyder                     Clearfield
16. 26           Dylan Frantz                       Luthersburg
17. 80           Dustin Kemp                      Clearfield             DNS
1. 11X         Robert Garvey, Jr             Grassflat
2. 27           Dave Hawkins                    Lower Burrell
3. 911         Mike Wenrick                    Pleasant Gap
4. 27H        Brandon Hawkins             Lower Burrell
5. 3              Ryan Beatty                        Leechburg
6. 03           Craig Cummings                Tarentum
7. 11           Anthony Pasquerella      Leechburg
8. 516         Zack Lennox                       Sykesville