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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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Weekly Race Report
Hummingbird Speedway
June 15, 2013
By: Randy Albert
Racing pioneers were on hand Saturday night to relive racing history at Hummingbird Speedway’s Racing Pioneers Night. Cars with history to tell and drivers who piloted them were on hand to give fans a glimpse of what stock car racing was like “back in the good old days.” Special thanks to Bud Garvey and friends for all their efforts and towing and showing the old iron on and off the track to the fans.
Living the good new days in the winner’s circle for the evening was Chris Farrell from Clearfield in the BWP Bats Steel Block Late Models. The Warrior Energy Services Street Stock race was another classic battle with Steve Arthurs from Falls Creek coming out on top. Doug Surra out of Kersey put notch number three on his belt, taking the win in the Pure Stock Class. Rounding out the evening’s entertainment was the Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders with Brockway’s Zach Lindemuth taking his first win of the season.
It was Big John Reed from Reynoldsville setting on the pole for the BWP Bats Steel Block Late Model class. Lining up alongside him was Paul Kot from Brockway with Kot jumping out to a quick lead. Dwayne Brooks from Falls Creek quickly moved into the second spot to challenge Kot trailing his back bumper by inches. Chris Farrell from Clearfield returned to The Bird this week and was in the hunt from the start looking outside the leaders for a way to the front. Kot was in control of the race early as Derek Rodkey out of Osceola Mills worked through traffic and was looking under Bob Connor from DuBois trying to take the fourth position. Farrell was trying every line to gain an advantage on Brooks taking the position on lap 10 and taking aim for the leader Paul Kot. A caution ended the nights of Rodkey and Brooks early leaving Farrell to chase down Kot. Last week’s winner, Eric Moore from Frenchville had moved up into the fourth spot by mid race with Farrell putting the heat on Kot being a dead heat at the line. Farrell held the low grove and a slight advantage moving into the lead on the next circuit with Kot coming back to challenge in the low groove on the back stretch. Farrell was too strong for the field as Kot fell back and Moore not being able to move up to vie for the top position. This was Farrell’s second visit to the speedway this year and his first win. Hope to see him back and make a competitive class even more interesting.
Two heat races were held in the division, they were won by Dwayne Brooks and Chris Farrell.
The Street Stock racing at Hummingbird this year has been exciting to say the least. Tonight the Warrior Energy Services sponsored racers proved to be no less exciting. Ed Connor and Shawn Lindemuth lined up on the front row for the feature race. Ed hails from DuBois with Shawn racing out of Brookville. The caution flew on the first lap leaving Lindemuth out of the race and placing Brandon Connor up front alongside Ed. This isn’t the first time we have seen the Connor Duo leading the hard chargers to Bob Sullinger’s flag stand. Ed led the field while Brandon raced side by side with Brian Rhed from Brockway. Hot on their tail was Steve Arthurs from DuBois who has shown some potential in the last few races only to have something end his night early. Brandon Connor and Arthurs battled side by side while keeping Ed in striking distance. Rhed looked on from the fourth position looking and waiting for an opening. Skip Lindemuth was on the move and up into the fifth place by mid-race. It was a three way, three wide race for the second spot between Arthur, Lindemuth and Brandon Connor. Connor washed high coming out of turn four giving the advantage to Lindemuth and Arthur. Ed Connor still held the lead but was feeling the heat from Arthur and Lindemuth. A late race spin set up the finish for a green, white, checkered flag dash. Arthur looked outside for the lead on Ed Connor with Lindemuth using what little low line was left. You could have covered them with a napkin on the last lap as Arthur used the high groove and the slingshot momentum coming off of turn four to take the win. Lindemuth managed to nose under Ed Connor for second relegating Ed to the third spot followed by Brandon who could only look on due to the lack of a place to try for the lead. Another sensational finish in the competitive division with Steve Arthur overcoming weeks of frustration fulfilling the potential he has shown in recent races.
Steve Arthurs and Skip Lindemuth won the heat races in the Street Stock Class.
Pure Stock race cars made their way on to the track led by Doug Surra from Kersey and Scott Zimmerman out of Brookville. Surra set a quick pace at the start with Mike Anderson from DuBois trying to close the gap. A caution on lap 4 reeled Surra back in giving the others a chance to try their luck at keeping pace a second time. Surra didn’t wait for his counterparts and quickly move out again as Dave Kohler from Rockton moved into the second spot. Colton Joiner from DuBois began to pressure Kohler racing him door handle to door handle, eventually moving into second. Joiner was fast but was running out of time as the laps wound down. He closed on the leader at the wave of the white flag but Surra held on strong to take the win, his third of the season.
Heat race winners included Devin Lewis and Mike Anderson.
Closing out the evenings racing entertainment were the Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders with Randy Holliday from Brookville and Randy Albert from Morrisdale on the front row. Albert jumped to a quick lead on the outside followed closely by Zach Lindemuth and Cory Reitz, both drivers from Brockway. Albert led the race until a caution regrouped the field with Albert taking the outside line for the restart. He again jumped to the lead and began to work lap traffic with Lindemuth close behind. In the closing laps Albert drifted high in turn two opening the door for Lindemuth on the bottom. Lindemuth took advantage of the opportunity as Albert tried to regroup but had no time to try to retake the lead. Lindemuth went on to take his first win of the season.
Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder heat race winners included Cory Reitz and Randy Albert.
Believe it or not, next week is the mid-season championship with double points in all divisions. All of the classes are close and the teams and drivers will be concentrating on staying up front and out of trouble. For some of the best short track racing in Central Pennsylvania be sure to visit Hummingbird Speedway this Saturday night. Hummingbird Speedway provides a family friendly environment and competitive action for the racing enthusiast. Steel Block Late Models, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, and Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders will make up next week’s program. Visit the speedway web site at for details on next week’s race, point standings, weekly photographs, and more.
BWP Bats Steel Block Late Models
1. 53 Chris Farrell Clearfield
2. 36 Paul Kot Brockway
3. 00 Eric Moore Frenchville
4. 102 Rick Maxim Reynoldsville
5. 10 Bruce Raybuck Falls Creek
6. 9 John Reed Reynoldsville
7. 18 Bob Connor DuBois
8. 48 Jr Rich Runyan Brockway
9. 78 Brian Molnar Falls Creek
10. 1B Dwayne Brooks Falls Creek
11. 14R Derek Rodkey Osceola Mills
12. 99X Kyle Beimel St Marys
13. 15S (DNS) Ed Connor
Warrior Energy Services Street Stocks
1. 01 Steve Arthurs Falls Creek
2. 22 Skip Lindemuth Hazen
3. 33 Ed Connor DuBois
4. 05 Brandon Connor DuBois
5. 69R Brian Rhed Brockport
6. 101 Bruce Hartzfeld Stump Creek
7. 48R Bob Rosman Sykesville
8. 68 Don Henry Falls Creek
9. 37 Joe Kot DuBois
10. 28 Fuzzy Fields Brockway
11. 54 Shawn Lindemuth Brookville
12. 43 P (DNS) Pernell Beimel St Marys
Pure Stocks
1. 3 Doug Surra Kersey
2. 1* Colton Joiner DuBois
3. 42 Dave Kohler Rockton
4. 76 Mike Anderson DuBois
5. 73 Devin Lewis Weedville
6. 32 Scott Zimmerman Brookville
7. 8 Cory Silvis Brookville
8. 15M Shawn Munoz Punxsutawney
9. 83 Dalton Gustafson Weedville
10. 88 Mike Miller Rockton
11. 13.5 Rob Molnar Falls Creek
12. 4T Randy “Tank” Coombs Big Run
13. 3L Brandon Lansberry Marion Center
Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders
1. 34 Zach Lindemuth Brockway
2. 17 Randy Albert Morrisdale
3. 32 Matt Bryant Weedville
4. 65C Cory Reitz Brockway
5. 422 Randy Holliday Brookville
6. 63 Dustin Gray Weedville
7. 43 Josh Gray Weedville
8. 6B Frank Barrett III DuBois
9. 73 Troy Peace Big Run
10. 2B Rusty Murray Mayport