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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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Hummingbird Speedway Race Report
For Immediate Release
Saturday, June 24th, 2017
By Steve Caltagarone

Dickson, Fields, Lee, and Rain Claim Victories at Hummingbird Speedway
(Reynoldsville, PA)  Three drivers found themselves in victory lane Saturday night before precipitation forced the last two races to be postponed.  Billy Dickson of West Decatur, Josh Fields of Brockport, and Jon Lee of Mahaffey each took the checkers and took home some hardware courtesy of Pennsylvania Grains Processing.
     First up for the evening were the BWP Bats Late Models.  Leading the way were Denny Fenton of Clearfield, and Steve Scaife Jr. of Phillipsburg. Fenton and Scaife were immediately challenged by Billy Dickson of West Decatur who was able to claim the top spot on the first circuit of the night.  Once Dickson got into open space he found a groove he liked and opened up a half straightaway lead only three laps into the race.  Lap three would prove troublesome to a few drivers who would be forced to retire for the evening.  After a few cautions the action was back under way with several moves made behind Dickson, who enjoyed a wide-open racing surface in front of him.  Derek Rodkey, Dan Smeal, and newcomer Brady Wonderling waged a three-way battle for third position going three-wide on a few occasions.  Meanwhile, last week's winner Chris Farrell had worked his way up the top-six after starting from the thirteenth spot.  Farrell made the battle for third four-wide briefly but was unable to keep his line coming out of turn two.  Another caution flag would help Farrell get back in the mix as he slipped under Wonderling and joined the battle for third.  Dickson continued to cruise ahead of Fenton while the battle for third continued with Rodkey, Smeal, and now Farrell joining the fray.  A mid-race caution brought the field back to single-file which allowed Fenton to challenge the leader once again.  After a brush with the wall, Farrell was able to use the outside line to catch Fenton and move up to the second spot. Dickson continued to have the field covered while the position swapping continued behind him.  Scott Alvetro joined Rodkey and Smeal in an ongoing battle for what was now the fourth spot. Alvetro managed to get by Rodkey on the low side but lost some ground to Smeal in the process. Dickson began to encounter lapped traffic in the closing laps, allowing Farrell to close the gap to a few car lengths. With only two circuits to go,  Dickson smoothly weaved his way under the lapped cars, forcing Farrell to scramble for alternate routes to catch the race leader.  Dickson would go on to put a lapped car between he and his challenger to secure his first win in his first appearance at the speedway this year.  Fenton, Smeal, and Alvetro rounded out the top five.  Fenton, Smeal and Dickson were all also heat race winners. 
     Billy Deming of Scio, New York, and Shawn Shoemaker of Mt. Union led the Sunny 106.5 Pure Stocks on to the racing surface for the second event of the evening. A double-file start is how they would open this 15-lap feature event, but it quickly turned into several three-wide, sometimes four-wide battles in the opening laps.  Deming got the early lead with Shoemaker, Tim Steis, and Mike Anderson going three-abreast for second.  Shoemaker and Steis eventually shed Anderson and both went after the leader, creating another three-wide tussle.  A caution on lap four would sort out the field.  While everyone was watching the early action up front, last week's winner, Josh Fields of Brockport, had quietly worked up into the top five from the thirteenth starting spot.  After the restart, a fierce battle for first continued.  The top three cars engaged in some contact which allowed Fields a lane to work his way up into second.  Steis had the lead prior to the halfway mark, holding off a hard-charging Fields.  Fields and Dustin Challingsworth used the bottom lane to get by Steis for the lead.  Steis eventually made contact with an infield barrier, bringing out a caution just over halfway through the race.  Challingsworth received contact in the turn-one mishap, forcing him to retire to the pits for the evening.  Shoemaker found his way back to the front, while Jim Challingsworth had also found his way to the top five.   Mike Anderson also challenged Deming for the fourth spot in the closing laps, while Fields stretched his lead out to a straightaway with two laps to go.  Fields would hold on to win his second in a row, followed by Shoemaker, Challingsworth , and Deming, with less than one second separating third and fifth.
    The Swanson Heavy Truck Repair Semi-Lates took to the track for the third event of the night.  Tom Kronenwetter of St. Marys, and Kevin Clark of Olanta paced the field.  Flagman Bob Connor dropped the green flag and Josh Henry of Clearfield immediately challenged the leaders, but Jon Lee of Mahaffey was also off to a hot start.  Not to be outdone, Doug Surra  moved up from last to sixth by lap three.  A spin in turn two brought out the yellow flag on lap four with Lee in the lead.  Lee opted to start on the outside row in the upcoming restart.  This would turn out to be a bad gamble as Kronenwetter gets the hole-shot coming out of turn four on the restart,  taking the lead and also occupying the lane that Lee had found to his liking.  Lee would pull back alongside Kronenwetter, but a caution would reset the field with another double-file restart.  Kronenwetter elected the bottom, and it was once again successful in holding off Lee for the lead, but only for a couple laps as Lee regained control of the field.  Kronenwetter would try to maneuver around Lee, but he slightly lost a handle on his car causing him to lose some precious ground.  Surra had meanwhile overtaken B.J. Hudson and Josh Henry and found himself in third at just over the halfway point.  After a late restart, Surra pulled alongside Kronenwetter and the two cars would wage a side-by-side battle for several laps.  Lee would let his competitors battle for position behind him as he cruised unchallenged into victory lane.  Kronenwetter held off Surra for second, with Neil Wilson Jr. and B.J. Hudson rounding out the top five. Kronenwetter and Surra won their respective heats.

    Rain drops began to fall during Lee's victory lane celebration, and an unexpected downpour fell upon the racing surface, silencing the engines on the 1/3 mile clay oval for the night. There were 77 cars on hand for the evening.  Racing will resume next Saturday, July 1st at 7:00PM, with gates opening at 4:30.  The Street Stocks and Aaron's of DuBois Four Cylinders will run their make-up features to begin another night of family-friendly dirt track racing.  More info can be found by visiting
1st) #32 Billy Dickson, West Decatur
2nd) #53 Chris Farrell, Clearfield
3rd) #55 Denny Fenton, Clearfield
4th) #44 Dan Smeal, Houtzdale
5th) #64 Scott Alvetro, Reynoldsville
6th) #14R Derek Rodkey, Osceola Mills
7th) #Z1 Brady Wonderling, Scio, NY
8th) #01 Steve Arthurs, Falls Creek
9th) #88B Luke Barnett, Mahaffey
10th) #3H Shawn Hadden, Punxsutawney
11th) #25 Dylan Fenton, Clearfield
12th) #77 Ryan Christoff, Canonsburg DNF
13th) #02 Josh Whetstone, Sandy Ridge DNF
14th) #SR1 Tom Shaffer, Punxsutawney DNF
15th) #7s Steve Scaife, Phillipsburg DNF
16th #60 Jeff Taylor, Corsica DNF
17th) #1B Dwayne Brooks, Falls Creek DNF
DNS) #57s Levi Sikora, Punxsutawney
DNS) #36 Paul Kot, Brockway
DNS) #B1D Matt Latta, Andover, OH
1st) #78 Josh Fields, Brockport
2nd) #44s Shawn Shoemaker, Mt. Union
3rd) #44 Jim Challingsworth, St Marys
4th) #55xx Billy Deming, Scio, NY
5th) #76 Mike Anderson, DuBois
6th) #45 Tim Steis, St Marys
7th) #51 William Bigley, Port Allegany
8th) #17K Kylee Brown, Eldred
9th) #71s Richard Herman, Osceola Mills
10th) #15M Shawn Munoz, Punxsutawney DNF
11th) #46 Dustin Challingsworth, St Marys DNF
12th) #8L Eric Lucas, Phillipsburg DNF
13th) #30K Jeff Kronenwetter, St Marys DNF
14th) #55x Andy Frey, St Marys DNF
DNS) Steven Brugmann, Dubois
1st) #5L Jon Lee, Mahaffey
2nd) #4K Tom Kronenwetter, St Marys
3rd) #3xAA Doug Surra, Kersey
4th) #7 Neil Wilson, Clearfield
5th) #1 B.J. Hudson, Clearfield
6th) #92 Josh Henry, Clearfield
7th) #77k Kip Charles, Clearfield
8th) #68 Don Henry, Falls Creek
9th) #11 Kevin Clark, Olanta
10th) #15W Casey Wolfe, Penfield
11th) #28 Joe Leigey, Clearfield