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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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Hummingbird Speedway Race Report
Saturday, June 18, 2016
By Randy Albert


The Hummingbird speedway regulars were back in action on Saturday night with a little help from the Racing Pioneers.  The Pioneers showed how it was done “old school” style displaying their restored cars of yesteryear both on and off the track for fans to enjoy.  The fans also enjoyed the winning ways of Paul Kot in the BWP Bats Steel Block Late Models, Robert Garvey Jr in the Sunny 106.5 Micro Sprints, Fuzzy Fields in the Street Stock division, Adam Nixon winning the Swanson Heavy Duty Truck Repair Semi Lates, Dustin Challingsworth in the Pure Stocks and Randy Albert taking the checkered in the Aarons of DuBois Front Wheel Drive cars.


Skip Lindemuth and Ed Conn made up the front row for the BWP Bats Steel Block Late Models led by the vintage Bob Wearing Camaro as the pace car.  The Wearing Camaro looked like it was ready to rumble with the big boys as they circled the oval.  Lindemuth led the early laps as Eric Moore and eventually Chris Farrell moved by Connor into second and third with Paul Kot not far behind.  Moore found the bottom to his liking but Farrell pushed his car high and wide to move around him into seond place.  Moore didn’t give up the spot easily as Jeff Taylor got into the act moving outside Kot pulling up on Connor’s bumper.  Farrell’s next victim came a couple of laps later as he went high around Lindemuth taking over the lead.  It began to look like a Farrell evening, riding high, and using the cushion, until he encountered a slower car going into turn three.  He looped the car to avoid the slower car bringing out the caution and ending a good run. On the restart Lindemuth looked to have a great shot with a few laps to go but slowly, persistently and consistently Paul Kot had been positioning himself to be in contention picking off Connor and Moore setting up his run to the checkered.  Lindemuth had a good start and couple of laps but Kot did what Kot does best; kept the car low, taking real estate a little at a time, eventually tucking under Lindemuth coming out of turn two.  He gained a little more coming out of turn four as Bob Sullinger waved the white flag.  Lindemuth tried to shut the door going into one but Kot held the ground gaining the lead going through turns three and four with Lindemuth trying to take it away pulling up under his left rear quarter as the checkered flag flew.  Kot was where he needed to be when it counted the most just in front of Lindemuth at the end of the race.  A great late model race with the full range of racing emotions; agony experienced by team Farrell and the thrill of victory going to Kot and the fans.


Heat races were won by Skip Lindemuth and Ed Connor.


A tight group of micro sprint cars lined up for their feature behind Bob Garvey Jr and Johnny Walker.  Garvey jumped to the early lead and took command of the race.  Craig Cummings held on in second with last week’s winner Damon Doutt trying to get by his competitors to have a shot at Garvey.  Garvey was on the move taking the turns down low and sailing down the back stretch to lengthen his lead.  It looked like he was on the fast track to the win but his car hit a rut in turn one sending it sideways, scrubbing off his speed and momentum leaving everyone to wonder if Doutt would gain enough ground to be a threat.  Garvey gathered it back up, pointed it in the right direction, took a deep breath and continued his dominance of the race to take the win by a wide margin.  A major miscue was avoided through the quick action and recovery by Garvey.


Damon Doutt won the lone heat race.


Matt Krause and George Bailey gave the fans a look at the front row for the restart of the Street Stock race which was necessary do to a first lap caution. Fuzzy Fields who started in the second row was quick to move to the inside making it three wide with Krause and Bailey.  Shawn Lindemuth and Bob McMillen were next to move forward using the traction exposed by Fields a lap earlier down low.  The Lindemuth car got loose a few laps later relinquishing positions to a number of cars including Luke Barnett and Bob Connor, chipping his way forward from his 13th starting position.  Fields didn’t exactly dominate but he didn’t give any one any openings either.  The strong race was behind the leader between McMillen and Connor.  Connor made a valiant effort coming out of turn four but McMillen had the momentum putting 3 feet of air between the bumpers of the cars at the flag stand. Fields regained his composure over last week and stayed consistent and just fast enough to get the job done and a well-earned win.


Luke Barnett and Bob McMillen won the heat races.


The Semi Late class made their way onto the racing surface led by Jason Beichner and Brandon Connor.  Beichner led the first circuit as Connor had to fend off Neil Wilson Jr with Josh Henry looking on in fourth.  Henry first looked outside of Wilson then made the quick move to the inside to take the position.  He then headed for Connor in turn two staying down low coming out of turn two and taking the second spot in three and four.  Unfortunately he lost the handle in turn two pulling the caution and regrouping the field.  Beichner had a straight away lead before the caution but Adam Nixon was showing some speed and the restart gave him a shot at the leader.  Beichner looked to have made the right decision taking the outside line and gaining a slight advantage over Nixon but his handling started to go south and Nixon was inching up on the lead nearly overtaking the leader.  Coming out of turn four a slower car slid sideways in front of the leaders. Beichner took the path around the top but Nixon had to loop his car to avoid the other.  Luckily for Nixon he got his spot back on the restart.  Unluckily for Beichner his car lost power on the restart and he was unable to continue.  Nixon took the lead with Rick Lias and Connor dueling for second place.  The last lap found Nixon taking the checkers, Lias in second and Connor getting third having been given a little help from behind.


Semi-Late heat race winners included Brandon Connor and Jason Beichner.


Doug Surra and Ben Krause had the pole and outside pole for the start of the Pure Stock feature race.  Surra took the early lead with Krause and Mike Miller in tow.  Josh Fields was riding the high cushion into fourth then dropped low on Miller to compete for the third spot switching back to high on a restart to take Miller and Krause going into second.  After another caution Surra took heed of the quick car of Fields outside and chose the line for the restart.  Prior to that, Surra had been so close to the tires he could read the brand name and size as he went by.  Choosing the outside kept him at the front but Fields was relentless on the bottom until another caution with Fields unable to continue.  Throughout the race Dustin Challingsworth had been inching forward picking off cars positioning himself for the end of the race.  The last caution was what he needed.  Surra stayed high and Challingsworth took up the position opened by Fields departure.  It was a side by side drag race to the corners.  Surra had him with two laps to go but Challingsworth gained an edge in turns one and two only to have Surra even the score down the backstretch.  With the white flag waving it was a repeat of the previous lap.  Challingsworth in the corner and Surra keeping it dead even down the back chute, it was another exciting feature race finish.  Both cars powered out of turn four and if they touched it was only a whisker but in the end it was Challingsworth by half a car length in a hard fought win as Surra having to settle for second dispite a first place effort.


Andrew Frey and Mike Miller won the Pure Stock heat races.


The last feature of the evening was the Aarons of DuBois Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders.  Tom Peters and Jerry Walls made up the front row with Peters taking the early advantage followed by Walls, Jim Fye and Randy Albert.  Peters faded high in turn two with a flat tire and Fye bobbled in turn two opening the door for Walls and Albert to move forward.  Fye gathered it back up and pulled up alongside Albert to challenge for second.  Albert stayed high gaining back the position looking to chase down Walls but didn’t have to as Walls slowed in turn three giving the lead over to Albert.  Albert put his car in cruise control riding the cushion with Fye giving chase.  Anthony Campisano and Zack Frantz were enjoying some side by side action in third and fourth with Austin Hockenbury setting in fifth getting accustomed to his new ride.  Campisano cleared Frantz then set his sights on Fye who he overtook a couple of laps later.  Albert held the high ground and the lead going on to take his second win of the season.


Anthony Campisano and Jim Fye were the winners of the Front Wheel Drive heat races.
Speedway Notes: 
Saturday June 25th is the Mid-Season Championship with double points for all divisions.  Trophies will be sponsored by Pennsylvania Grain Processing of Clearfield.  Gates open at 4:30pm and racing begins at 7. For more information visit the track’s website at or call the track office at 653-8400.


Final Results


BWP BATS Steel Block Late Models
1. 36 Paul Kot                       Brockway
2. 22 Skip Lindemuth           Hazen
3. 00 Eric Moore                  Frenchville
4. 102 Eddie Connor              DuBois
5. 60 Jeff Taylor                   Corsica
6. 14R Derek Rodkey              Osceola Mills
7. 78 Brian Molnar              Falls Creek
8. 68 Don Henry                   Falls Creek
9. 53 Chris Farrell                Clearfield
10. 01 Steve Arthurs              Falls Creek
11. 25 Dylan Fenton               Clearfield
12. 23 B J Hudson                   Clearfield
Sunny 106.5 FM Micro Sprints
1. 11X Bob Garvey, Jr.            Grassflat
2. 18 Damon Doutt              Cabot
3. 03 Craig Cummings         Tarentum
4. 4W Johnny Walker            Sarver
5. 516 Zack Lennox                Brockway
1. 28 Fuzzy Fields                 Brockway
2. 50 Bob McMillen             Marys
3. 55 Bob Connor                 DuBois
4. 65 Matt Krause                Brisbin
5. 34 Joe Malobicky, Jr        St Marys
6. 7J Jake Cunliffe               Knox
7. 88B Luke Barnett
8. 54 Shawn Lindemuth       Brookville
9. 77 Nate Brady                  Clearfield
10. 37A Jim Bloom                   Curwensville
11. 20 George Bailey             Clearfield
12. 57 Dave McGovern
13. 9S Will Siple                     Hazen


1. 47 Adam Nixon                Grampian
2. 3 Rick Lias                      Dayton
3. 15S Brandon Connor          DuBois
4. 92 Josh Henry                   Clearfield
5. 7 Neil Wilson, Jr.            Clearfield
6. 10 Melissa Fannin            Clearfield
7. 77R Roswell Babcock         Curwensville
8. 7Up Phil Uplinger               Panic
9. 4 Jason Beichner            Shippenville
10. 17 Deegen Watt               DuBois


1. 46 Dustin Challingsworth             Marys
2. 3AA Doug Surra                  Kersey
3. 88 Mike Miller                 Rockton
4. 44 Jim Challingsworth     Marys
5. 8L Eric Lucas                    Clearfield
6. 55X Andrew Frey                Marys
7. H8 Matt Howell                Clearfield
8. 78 Josh Fields                   Brockport
9. 10 Ben Krause                  Houtzdale
10. 30 Zach Gustafson           Weedville
11. 45 Tim Steis                     St Marys


1. 17 Randy Albert               Morrisdale
2. 17C Anthony Campisano    Punxsutawney
3. 4F Jim Fye                                    Reynoldsville
4. 358 Zack Frantz                  DuBois
5. 23A Austin Hockenberry    Morrisdale
6. 33S Brian Snyder               Clearfield
7. 65 Dave Kunes                 Weedville
8. 11 Jim Boyer                    Penfield
9. 81 Mike Lucas                  Philipsburg
10. 92 Jerry Walls
11. 71 Tom Peters                  Clearfield