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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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Hummingbird Speedway Race Report
June 7, 2014
By: Randy Albert
Fans and teams of dirt track racers Joined together on Saturday night at Hummingbird Speedway to support the Children’s Tumor Foundation.  Paige Doane was the special guest of the evening for fund raising efforts spearheaded by the #1B Brooks Race Team and Lindemuth racing families.  Through the generosity of the teams, fans and others the group raised over $3,700.00 for the charity.
Bob Connor from DuBois joined the celebration with his first career win in the BWP Bats Steel Block Late Model division.  Kyle Shannon out of Brockway capitalized on an early dash to the lead winning the Street Stock class. The winner of the Sunny 106.5 Micro Sprint feature race was Brian Haney from Salina.  Doug Surra from Kersey continues to dominate in the Pure Stock Division with win number four and John Campisano from Punxsutawney brought his Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder for the first time this season making the best of it with a win.
Seventeen Steel Block Late Models made the show for the BWP Bats sponsored feature race.  Flagman Bob Sullinger brought them to the line for the start of another exciting competition.  Bob Connor from DuBois lined up inside Eric Moore from Frenchville and they held their positions through the first lap.  Moore proved slightly faster in the outside groove as Dave Buchanan from Stifflertown and Scott Stein from Cherry Tree watched the two front runners duke it out.  It wasn’t long before Connor was back in the hunt moving to the inside of Moore while Stein passed Buchanan and pulled up on the leaders trying to make it three wide.  Chris Farrell from Clearfield, never wanting to be left out of the action, moved past Buchanan and set his sights on Stein.  Seeing Connor’s car on his inside motivated Moore to pick up the pace leaving Connor to deal with Stein and the hard-charging Farrell.  Buchanan had his own race going on with Ed Connor from DuBois back in the pack.  Moore slowed drastically coming on the front stretch and into turn one allowing Connor, Stein and Farrell to move up into the lead slots.  Moore left the track with mechanical trouble after what was shaping up to be a great run.  Farrell slid by Stein after a caution restart setting his car on the left door panel of Connor.  He could pull up on along him but couldn’t quite make the pass.  Stein was also right there brushing the dust off of Farrell’s rear bumper on each lap.  Farrell moved to the high line after the next caution to try and find that slight advantage.  This allowed Stein to move up on the inside line.  With the laps closing Connor would not be denied his first career win in the Late Model division.  There was nary a car length between the trio when the checkered flag flew but Connor was the leader and the winner of the race followed by Farrell and Stein.  Ed Connor eventually made the move into fourth getting by Buchanan in the closing laps.
Heat race winners included Dwayne Brooks, Scott Stein, and Dave Buchanon.
Tom Slack from Sabula and Kyle Shannon out of Brockway made up the front row for the start of the Street Stock race.  Slack had the lead going into the first turn with Steve Arthurs from Falls Creek moving down low to challenge the leader.  As Slack slid high in turn two Shannon shot between the two and into the lead on the back stretch.  Arthurs settled into second followed by Shawn Lindemuth out of Brookville moving past Slack into the third position.  Shannon endured a number of starts and restarts one which put Lindemuth at the back of the pack.  The group finally found their rhythm and Lindemuth settled into a consistent pattern pulling up on the back bumper of Arthurs.  Keeping to the tires Lindemuth made the pass on Arthurs just past the half-way point of the race.  Shannon’s ride was strong and his driving smooth on a nice outside lane allowing him to lead Lindemuth and Arthurs by ten car lengths at the throw of the checkered flag.
The winner of the lone Street Stock race was Steve Arthurs.
The Micro Sprints were in full force quickly going into three wide mode behind the leaders of Brandon Hawkins of Lower Burrell and Bryce Craft from Frenchville.  Brian Haney  hailing from Salina moved out in front of the two and into the lead on the first lap.  Haney set his machine on cruise control making the best of the clear track in front of him.  Coming up through the pack, picking his way past the competitors was Dave Hawkins also from Lower Burrell.  He made the pass on Craft and Hawkins setting his sights on Haney who was beginning to encounter lap cars.  As the laps closed Hawkins slowly closed on the leader but Haney was doing a good job of disposing of the lap cars making the task more difficult for Hawkins.  Craft stayed in the hunt but not able to move forward as Robert Robertson from Delmont advanced into the fourth spot as the race wound down.  In the end no one could muster enough of a run on Haney as he went on to take the win. 
Micro Sprint heat race winners included Scott Hawkins, Brian Haney, and Bryce Craft.
The Pure Stock cars rolled onto the racing surface led by Dustin Challingsworth from St Marys with Scott Zimmerman from Brookville to his right.  A number of cautions ensued on the start and restarts eventually placing Dustin Michuck from St Marys and Doug Surra out of nearby Kersey just behind Challingsworth and Zimmerman.  The four stayed in formation putting on quite a show but another caution caused track officials to call for a single file restart to settle the field down.  Challingsworth led the charge with the others nose to tail each looking inside the other to see the way to the front.  Challingsworth move to the high line with Zimmerman taking the scenic route along the tires to move into the lead.  Behind them Surra had overtaken Michuck on the outside, he then moved to the inside to pick off Challingsworth.  Zimmerman had control of the low line with Surra looking for racing room between Zimmerman and the infield. This allowed Challingsworth to retake the second spot coming around on the outside.  Surra moved up to follow him as Michuck took the opportunity to pull up inside Surra once again making it two by two with their foot to the floor.  Zimmerman was holding his own as the others went for three wide going into turn three.  Michuck, Surra and Challingsworth made it through both turns cleanly with Surra having the slight edge at the flag stand.  Surra stayed high and overtook Zimmerman when a couple of more cautions interrupted the action.  On a restart both Zimmerman and Challingsworth looped their machines in turn two in the heat of the action with Zimmerman having to tail the field and Challingsworth getting his position back.  On the restart Surra took to the lead followed by Challingsworth and Michuck who had his hands full with Dalton Gustafson from Weedville.  At the end of the final lap it was Surra taking his fourth win of the season and still undefeated in the Pure Stock class.  Unfortunately the race for second and third place was lost in the tech shed after the race.  Both Challingsworth and Michuck were disqualified giving second place to Gustafson.
Two pure Stock heat races were won by Doug Surra and Dustin Challingsworth.
The Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders were led to the track by Frank Barrett, III  from DuBois and Randy Albert from Morrisdale for the start of the race.  Albert was got a good hole shot for the start of the race leading the first lap.  Early race cautions placed John Campisano from Punxsutawney next to Albert on the restarts and Campisano managed to take the lead from Albert on the green flag.  Last week’s winner, Corey Reitz from Brockway, wasted no time in getting to the front of the pack dropping low on Albert in the turns and eventually moving into the second position behind Campisano.  The trio began to move away from the field but a caution put the cars back together again.  Campisano and Reitz took off leaving Albert to contend with Zach Lindemuth from Brockway who moved up on his inside.  Reitz continued to try and find a way around a strong running Campisano machine but was unable to find an advantage either using the inside or outside lanes.  Albert managed to hold off Lindemuth as the race came to a close with Campisano taking his first win in his first appearance in his own car this year.
Heat race winners included Steven Hill and John Campisano.
The winner of the Micro Sprint Non-Qualifier was Dave Hawkins from Lower Burrell.
For some of the best short track racing in Central Pennsylvania be sure to visit Hummingbird Speedway this Saturday night.  Hummingbird Speedway provides a family friendly environment and competitive action for the racing enthusiast. 
Steel Block Late Models, Street Stocks, Micro Sprints, Pure Stocks, and Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders will make up next week’s program.    Visit the speedway web site at for details on next week’s race, point standings, weekly photographs, and more.

BWP Bats Steel Block Late Models
1.      18  Bob Connor  DuBois
2.      53  Chris Farrell  Clearfield
3.      09  Scott Stine  Cherry Tree
4.      102  Ed Connor  DuBois
5.      72  Dave Buchanan Stifflertown
6.      22  Skip Lindemuth Brookville
7.      13  Jamie Barber  Grampian
8.      50  Bob McMillen  St Marys
9.      36  Paul Kot  Brockway
10.  16  Dan Stormer  Corsica
11.  43  Bill Davis  Luthersburg 
12.  10  Bruce Raybuck  Falls Creek
13.  48Jr  Rich Runyan Jr  Brockway 
14.  1B  Dwayne Brooks     Falls Creek
15.  45  Tim Steis  St Marys
16.  00   Eric Moore  Frenchville
17.  99X  Kyle Beimel  St Marys
Street Stocks
1.      1S  Kyle Shannon  Brockway
2.      54  Shawn Lindemuth Brookville
3.      01   Steve Arthurs  Falls Creek
4.      51  Bill Reitz Jr  Brookville
5.      8R  Tom Slack  Sabula
6.      43  Pernell Beimel  St Marys
7.      3   Rich Howell  Clearfield
8.      37  Paul Kot  Brockway
9.      101  Bruce Hartzfeld Stump Creek
Micro Sprints

1.      55H  Brian Haney  Salina
2.      27  Dave Hawkins  Lower Burrell
3.      12X   Bryce Craft   Frenchville
4.      4B  Robert Robertson Delmont
5.      27H  Brandon Hawkins Lower Burrell
6.      00  Jason Houtz   Mifflintown
7.      11X  Robert Garvey  Jr Grassflat
8.      1X  Bob Garvey   Grassflat
9.      17F   John Flatt   Adrian
10.  37T  Tyler Hawkins  Lower Burrell
11.  26   Tony Curtorillo Philipsburg
12.  29L  Larry Straw  Philipsburg
13.  7UP  Phil Uplinger  Reynoldsville
14.  80jr  Kyle Colwell  Knox
15.  37  Scott Hawkins   Sarver
16.  3  Ryan Beatty  Leechburg
17.  68 (DNS) Jason Hamacek Clarksburg
18.  99X (DNS) Kim Beimel  St Marys
19.  53 (DNS) Al Cooper  Flatts NY
Pure Stocks
1.      3AA  Doug Surra  Kersey
2.      83  Dalton Gustafson Weedville
3.      44   Jim Challingsworth St Marys
4.      32  Scott Zimmerman Brookville
5.      H-8  Matt Howell  Clearfield
6.      4T  Randy “Tank” Coombs Big Run
7.      3L  Brandon Lansberry Marion Center
8.      21   Andrew Frey   St. Marys
9.      8  Cory Silvis  Brookville
10.  18  Scott Hollopeter Reynoldsville
11.  15M  Shawn Munoz  Punxsutawney
12.  2W  JR Wick  Brookville
13.  20   George Bailey  Clearfield
14.  46 (DQD) Dustin Challingsworth  St Marys
15.  471 (DQD) Dustin Michuck  St. Marys

Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders
1.      8C  John Campisano Punxsutawney
2.      65C  Cory Reitz  Brockway
3.      17  Randy Albert   Morrisdale
4.      34  Zach Lindemuth  Brockway
5.      31B  Frank Barrett, III  DuBois
6.      14  Steven Hill   Brookville
7.      20  Aaron Hill  Brookville
8.      26   Dylan Frantz   Luthersburg
9.      11M  Michael Guthrie Brookville
10.  63  Dustin Gray   Weedville
11.  7L  Alex Lindemuth Brookville
12.  96R  Ricky Sheely  Hazen
13.  126  Jeff McClure  Luthersburg
14.  76K  Robert Kline  Brockway
15.  4F  Jim Fye   Reynoldsville
16.  45 (DNS) Kyle Isaacs   Rossiter
17.  158 (DNS) Josh Frantz  DuBois
Micro Sprints (B-Main “Challenger” Special Feature)
1.      27  Dave Hawkins  Lower Burrell
2.      80jr  Kyle Colwell  Knox
3.      4B  Robert Robertson Delmont
4.      27H  Brandon Hawkins Lower Burrell
5.      17F   John Flatt   Adrian
6.      12X   Bryce Craft   Frenchville