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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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Hummingbird Speedway Race Report
Saturday, June 6, 2015
By: Randy Albert

Charles Powell Jr from Brookville claimed a win in the BWP Bats Steel Block Late Model division at Hummingbird Speedway Saturday night.  Sunny 106.5 FM Micro Sprint racing action resulted in Sean McAndrew from Apollo taking home the honors.  In the Street Stock division, Fuzzy Fields from Brockway was the victor while Dustin Challingsworth out of St Marys took the checkered flag in the Pure Stock class.  The final race of the evening was the Aarons of DuBois Front Wheel Drive cars with Randy Albert from Morrisdale taking the win.


The Sunny 106.5 FM Micro Sprints took to the track for the first feature race on a beautiful evening at Hummingbird Speedway.  Brian Forester from Saxonburg and Sean McAndrew out of Apollo lined up to take the green flag of Bob Sullinger.  Forester only had the lead for a moment with Jeff Weaver out of Lock Haven and McAndrew splitting the pole sitter left and right going down the front stretch.  McAndrew took the lead position with Robert Garvey Jr from Grassflat moving up into the second spot relegating Forester to third as Weaver fell back.  A mid race caution reset the field with Garvey losing a position to Bryce Craft from Frenchville on the restart as Denny Reinhimer out of Bloomsburg found a likeable groove moving up under Garvey to take third away from him.  Cautions took their toll on the competitors and the final restart saw Reinhimer in second trying to chase down McAndrew followed by Garvey.  McAndrew was strong and no one was able to pull up and challenge him for the final lap and wave of the checkered flag.


Lee Lehnerd and Robert Garvey Jr were the winners of the heat races.


Twenty one Steel Block Late Models pulled onto the track for the feature series sponsored by BWP Bats.  Charles Powell Jr from Brookville held the pole position flanked by Bob McMillen out of St Marys.  It took the heavy hitters a few laps to settle down and find a comfortable groove.  When they finally did get into a rhythm Powell was out front with Dwayne Brooks from Falls Creek on his rear deck.  Dan Gill from Clearfield was having a good run along with Dan Smeal from Houtzdale and Joe Kot from DuBois.  Brooks looked low a number of times but Powell was strong riding the high line.  Behind them Smeal used Powell’s line to sweep by Gill into the third position.  Kot was occupied with a number of competitors including Paul Kot from Brockway, Eric Moore out of Frenchville, and Chris Farrell from Clearfield.  All four were mixing it up two and three wide trying to move to the front to get a shot at Powell. Eventually all three cleared Kot as Powell began to encounter slower cars. Another caution reset Powell at the front of the pack with Brooks in tow and Paul Kot ducking under Gill to take the fourth spot but not for long.  Just as Kot was moving under Gill, Farrell took the high line down the front stretch and gained momentum in turns one and two carrying him past both drivers and into the fourth position.  He then began to work on Smeal using the low line and in a few laps had overtaken him setting his sights on Brooks in second.  During all of this Powell was holding his own in the lead and Brooks was beginning to get loose in turn two eventually losing grip on the track and giving up the position.  This put Farrell on the back bumper of Powell with everyone wondering if Farrell could pull it off.  Powell continued to hold the high ground as Farrell looked for some bite high and low to help him move forward.  Paul Kot moved under Smeal into the third position as the laps wound down.  With the white flag flying it was clear Charlie Powell was the star of the show.  While he never totally dominated he held a comfortable lead throughout the race and worked through traffic when he needed to, maintaining the lead.  Farrell did a good job coming up to keep tabs on the the leader but never got a clear shot at him.  Paul Kot was consistent keeping the car low and moving forward for a good finish.  Smeal, Gill and Joe Kot all had solid runs staying near the top and out of trouble.  In the end it was Powell taking the honors of the win for the evening.


Heat race winners included Chris Farrell, Bob McMillen, and Charlie Powell.


The Street Stock rolled onto the racing surface led by Fuzzy Fields from Brockway and Luke Barnett out of Mahaffey.  Fields took a slight lead going into turn one but slowed unexpectedly in two relinquishing the lead to Rich Howell out of Clearfield and having to contend with Bruce Hartzfeld from Stump Creek.  Fields regained his composure and began to pressure Howell using the bottom grove as Bob Connor from DuBois did the same with Hartzfeld.  Howell didn’t just give up the position and held his own on the outside.  He then had to defend from the inside after a caution restart with not only Fields but Connor applying pressure.   Fields had the outside but it opened up the inside line for Connor pulling up past him for the second spot.  Hartzfeld and Dom Surra from Kersey were in the hunt also behind the leaders jockeying for position.  Another restart put Connor on the outside of Howell and he was able to take the lead form this spot until a fire under the car temporarily halted what looked to be a good run.  Howell was still in charge on the next restart with Fields going high and wide trying to find a sweet spot.  He found it coming out of turn two and in a couple of laps closed the gap on Howell and wrestling the lead from him using the outside cushion.  Howell valiantly tried to defend in the low grove and kept Fields' advantage to a minimum.  Surra found the low line to his liking moving under Hartzfeld followed by the now flame proof Connor who recovered from his earlier incident.  The last lap found Fields high and Howell low coming out of turn four.  Fields slid sideways a bit giving Howell a bit of an opening but Fields powered back by the challenger taking the win with Howell just off his left rear quarter panel.  Surra followed in second with Connor by a nose over Hartzfeld for fourth and fifth.


Winners of the Street Stock heat races included Luke Barnett and Fuzzy Fields.


Mike Miller from Rockton and Dustin Challingsworth out of St Marys led the field of Pure Stocks for the start of their feature race.  Challingsworth held to the high grove just freshened up by Fields to move into the lead.  Behind them the pack of Shawn Munoz from Punxsutawney, Jim Challingsworth from St Marys, Cory Silvis out of Brookville and Josh Fields from Brockport were playing a little bump and run for third through sixth place.  Munoz eventually came out of the pack with the third position as Challingsworth and Miller distanced themselves from the others.  The field settled into a long green flag run with little change in positions.  Munoz did pull up on the back bumper on Miller and Fields managed to slip by Silvis to take the fourth spot.  Challingsworth had no competition and increased his lead with each lap, finishing the race a straight away ahead of the second place car of Miller by the time the checkered flag flew.


The winner of the single heat race was Mike Miller.


The Aarons of DuBois Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder cars were the final feature event for the evening as Dustin Kemp of Clearfield and Dylan Frantz from Luthersburg led the parade for the first lap.  Frantz held the lead early with Aaron Luzier from Clearfield taking it away only to have mechanical trouble end his moment in the spotlight.  Frantz continued to hold the lead after the restart with Kemp in second followed by Eric Luzier from Clearfield and Randy Albert out of Morrisdale.  Albert found the high line to his liking moving by Luzier and challenging Kemp for second on the next lap.  A caution restart placed Albert on the outside of Frantz and he used the opportunity to take the lead.  Luzier and Tom Peters from Clearfield did the same as Frantz slowed.  Albert stayed on the outside distancing himself from the rest of the field.  John Campisano from Punxsutawney was clearly the fastest car on the track passing Albert with two laps to go.  Unfortunately he was a lap down from an earlier mechanical problem and had to settle for finishing in front of the leader but not getting the win.  Albert was followed by Eric Luzier, Peters, Jim Fye from Reynoldsville and Austin Hockenberry out of Munson.


Aarons of DuBois Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders heat race winners included both Aaron Luzier and Eric Luzier from Clearfield.


June 13 the members of the Pittsburgh Circle Track Club invade the speedway to enjoy a night of racing action, Hummingbird style.  Bud Garvey and his lineup of classic racing iron will also be on hand to give fans a look at what racing of yesteryear looked like.  Come out and enjoy the cars, talk to the drivers, and reminisce about the good old days in racing history.   Join us each week for some of the best dirt track racing in Central Pennsylvania.  Hummingbird Speedway offers a family friendly racing experience with good food and reasonable admission.  Looks us up on the web at and join us on Twitter for updates on rain delays as well as preliminary race results.



Final Results


1. 94           Charles Powell Jr              Brookville
2. 53           Chris Farrell                       Clearfield
3. 36           Paul Kot                             Brockway
4. 44           Dan Smeal                         Houtzdale
5. 11G        Dan Gill                              Clearfield
6. 37           Joe Kot                              DuBois
7. 78           Brian Molnar                      Falls Creek
8. 93           Kevin Dickson                    West Decatur
9. 50           Bob McMillen                     St Marys
10. 68           Don Henry                       Falls Creek
11. 79           Rob Molnar                      Falls Creek
12. 1B           Dwayne Brooks               Falls Creek
13. 00           Eric Moore                       Frenchville
14. 60           Jeff Taylor                        Corsica
15. 01           Steve Arthurs                   Falls Creek
16. 45           Tim Steis                          St Marys
17. 25L         Colton Gearhart               DuBois
18. 77R         Roswell Babcock             Curwensville
19. 102         Ed Connor                        DuBois
20. 07           Tim Krape                         Bellefonte
21. 96           John Brady                        Clearfield


1. 15           Sean McAndrew              Apollo
2. 5              Denny Reinhimer            Bloomsburg
3. 11X         Bob Garvey, Jr                Grassflat
4. 11           Anthony Pasquerella       Leechburg
5. 68           Jason Hamacek               Clarksburg
6. 52           Daniel Wertman               Danville
7. 12X         Bryce Craft                      Frenchville
8. 29           D. Trey Straw                  West Decatur
9. 92           Jeffery Weaver                Lock Haven
10. 71           Lee Lehnerd                  Cabot
11. 3              Ryan Beatty                  Leechburg
12. 17           Brain Forester                Saxonburg
13. 516         Zack Lennox                  Sykesville            DNS


1. 28           Fuzzy Fields                       Brockway
2. 3              Rich Howell                       Clearfield
3. T31         Dom Surra                         Kersey
4. 55           Bob Connor                        DuBois
5. 101         Bruce Hartzfeld                  Stump Creek
6. 69R         Brian Rhed                        Brockport
7. 1M         Zach Meyers                       Knox
8. 88B         Luke Barnett                      Mahaffey
9. 51           Charles Powell Jr               Brookville
10. 1S           Kyle Shannon                  Brockway            DNS


1. 46           Dustin Challingsworth       St. Marys
2. 88           Mike Miller                         Rockton
3. 44           Jim Challingsworth            St. Marys
4. 28           Josh Fields                        Brockport
5. 8              Cory Silvis                        Brookville
6. 55X         Andrew Frey                     St Marys
7. 2W         J R Wick                             Brookville
8. 15M       Shawn Munoz                     Punxsutawney  DQD
9. 3AA        Doug Surra                         Kersey                  DNS


1. 17           Randy Albert                     Morrisdale
2. 6              Eric Luzier                        Clearfield
3. 71           Tom Peters                        Clearfield
4. 4F           Jim Fye                              Reynoldsville
5. 23A        Austin Hockenberry            Morrisdale
6. 8C           John Campisano               Punxsutawney
7. 45           Jake Mosier                        Benezette
8. 26           Dylan Frantz                       Luthersburg
9. 80           Dustin Kemp                      Clearfield
10. 16           Dale Elkin                         Big Run
11. 2              Rusty Murray                   Mayport
12. 5L            Aaron Luzier                    Clearfield
13. 31           Frank Barrett III                DuBois
14. 14           Stephen Hill                      Brookville