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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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For Immediate Release
Saturday, June 3rd, 2017
By Steven Curry
Reynoldsville- Hummingbird Speedway was back in action Saturday for the third race of the 2017 season. The night brought with it very exciting racing from across all 5-divisions. Also, three drivers would find their way back to victory lane for a 2nd time this season including: Paul Kot from Brockway in the BWP Bats Late Models, Josh Fields from Brockport in the Sunny 106.5 FM Pure Stocks, and Eric Luzier from Clearfield in the Aaron's of DuBois Front-Wheel Drive Four-Cylinders. And two drivers would pull into victory lane for the first time including: Josh Frantz from DuBois in the Street Stocks and Nathan Smith from Glenn Campbell in the Swanson Heavy Duty Truck Repair Semi-Late Models.
Brandon Connor and Josh Frantz led a full-field of Street Stocks trackside for their opening 20-lap feature event. Frantz jumped out to the early lead and started to pull away as Bruce Hartzfeld started working over Connor for the second spot. Connor held off Hartzfeld as a mechanical failure retired him for the evening, moving Rich Howell into the third position. Howell then worked his way around Connor a few laps after to take the second spot. The race stayed green the whole way until a caution with two laps to go bunched the field back up together. On the ensuing green-white-checkered restart, Frantz had a hard charge from Howell as Howell had to hold off Connor for second. Frantz would hold off both Howell and Connor to pick up his first win of the 2017 season. Howell, Connor, Swauger, and Cregen Brady rounded out the top 5. Bloom and Connor won the heats.
Dan Smeal and Denny Fenton led the BWP Bats Late Models to the green flag for their 25-lap feature event. After a quick caution and complete restart, Fenton took the lead from Smeal and started to pull away as Smeal was battling with Chris Farrell for the second spot. The race remained green for several laps until Fenton hit an infield tire trying to avoid a lapped car, retiring him for the evening. That gave the lead to Farrell, with Smeal and hard charging Paul Kot from the back following close behind. On the restart, Kot got around Smeal and set his sights on Farrell. Kot would catch Farrell just a few laps later and pass him despite a hard-fought battle from Farrell. Kot would pull away from Farrel until a late-race caution bunched the field up with just a few laps remaining. On the ensuing restart, Kot pulled away from the rest of the field and would go on to win to pick up his second win of the year. Farrell, Scott Alvetro, Dwayne Brooks, and Smeal rounded out the top 5. Fenton and Smeal won the heat races.
Dustin Challingsworth and Josh Fields led the field of Sunny 106.5 FM Pure Stocks to the green flag for their 15-lap feature event. Fields took the lead on the initial start with Challinsworth second and Mike Anderson third. Several laps would be completed until a spin in turn 2 brought out the first caution flag. On the restart, Fields pulled away as Tim Steis challenged Anderson for the third spot. Then a caution would bunch the field back up just passed the halfway mark. On what would be the final restart, Fields pulled away from the field as Challingsworth, Anderson, and Steis all battled for the 2nd spot. Fields would hold on to win to pick up the win and in a photo finish, Challingsworth edged Anderson for the 2nd spot. Dustin Challingsworth, Anderson, Jim Challingsworth, and Andrew Frey rounded out the top 5. Fields and Steis won the heat races.
Nathan Smith and Doug Surra led the field of Swanson Heavy Duty Truck Repair Semi-Late Models trackside for their 20-lap feature. A couple quick cautions after the initial start forced a complete restart with Smith and Surra still 1st and 2nd. On the next green flag, Smith took off from Surra and the rest of the field and led several laps until another caution came out bunching the field back together. A hard-charging Jon Lee who started deep in the field, drove his way all the way to 3rd before the caution came out. On the following restart, Smith took off once again as the race neared it's final laps. A final caution flag would come out with 3 laps to go which brought the field together one last time. On the final restart, Smith and Surra battled hard but in the end it was Smith winning as he picked up his first win of the 2017 season. Surra, Lee, Joe Leigey, and Casey Wolfe rounded out the top 5. Surra and Smith won the heat races.
Mike Mayhew and Jerry Walls led the field of Aaron's of DuBois Front-Wheel Drive Four-Cylinders for their 12-lap feature finale. Jerry Walls took the lead on the initial start as Jimmy Ogden charged his way into the 2nd spot, passing Mayhew. Walls continued to lead until a caution came out for Mayhew which ended his evening. On the ensuing restart, Ogden got into Walls slightly in turn 1 allowing hard-charging Eric Luzier to take the lead. Walls would take 2nd and Randy Albert would take the 3rd spot from Ogden as a mechanical failure would retire him for the evening. The race would see one more caution flag but that didn't phase Luzier as he held on to pick up his second win of the year. Albert, Walls, Jim Boyer, and Daniel Clark rounded out the top 5. Mayhew won the lone heat race.
Speedway Notes: 56 cars were on hand and racing was completed by 10:21pm. Racing will continue next Saturday evening with gates opening at 4:30pm and racing at 7. For more information call the track office at (814) 653-8400 or visit the tracks’ website at
1st) #36 Paul Kot, Brockway
2nd) #53 Chris Farrell, Clearfield
3rd) #64 Scott Alvetro, Reynoldsville
4th) #1B Dwayne Brooks, Falls Creek
5th) #44 Dan Smeal, Houtzdale
6th) #11G Dan Gill, Clearfield
7th) #1S Rod Phillips, Punxsutawney
8th) #88B Luke Barnett, Mahaffey
9th) #78 Brian Molnar, Falls Creek
10th) #55 Denny Fenton, Clearfield   DNF
11th) #60 Jeff Taylor, Corsica   DNF
1st) #28N Nathan Smith, Glenn Campbell
2nd) #3xAA Doug Surra, Kersey
3rd) #5L Jon Lee, Mahaffey
4th) #28 Joe Leigey, Clearfield
5th) #15W Casey Wolfe, Brookville
6th) #7-11 Todd English, Clearfield
7th) #77 Kip Charles, Clearfield   DNF
8th) #56R Brandon Evans, Clearfield   DNF
9th) #17 Deegen Watt, DuBois   DNF
10th) #11 Kevin Clark, Olanta  DNF
11th) #7 Neil Wilson Jr., Clearfield   DNF
12th) #92 Josh Henry, Clearfield   DNF
13th) #717 Doug Updyke, DuBois   DNS
1st) #158 Josh Frantz, DuBois
2nd) #3 Rich Howell, Clearfield
3rd) #T3 Brandon Connor, DuBois
4th) #22 Sammy Swauger, Reynoldsville
5th) #2 Cregen Brady, Clearfield
6th) #21 Mark Clark, Clearfield
7th) #17 Brad Curran, Austin
8th) #20 George Bailey, Clearfield   DNF
9th) #43W Kristen Wileman, St. Marys
10th) #101 Bruce Hartzfeld, Brockway   DNF
11th) #43B Pernell Beimel, St. Marys   DNF
12th) #37A Jim Bloom, Curwensville   DNS
1st) #78 Josh Fields, Brockport
2nd) #46 Dustin Challingsworth, St. Marys
3rd) #76 Mike Anderson, DuBois
4th) #44 Jim Challingsworth, St. Marys
5th) #55X Andrew Frey, St. Marys
6th) #45 Tim Steis, St. Marys
7th) #51 William Bigley, Port Allegany
8th) #17K Kylee Brown, Eldred
9th) #30K Jeff Kronenwetter, St. Marys
10th) #1D Dan Ott, Kane   DNF
11th) #27 Dennis Hathaway, Portville, NY   DNF
12th) #8C John Campisano, Punxsutawney   DNS
1st) #6 Eric Luzier, Clearfield
2nd) #17 Randy Albert, Morrisdale
3rd) #92 Jerry Walls, Penfield
4th) #11 Jim Boyer, Penfield
5th) #7 Daniel Clark, DuBois   DNF
6th) #358 Zack Frantz, Luthersburg   DNF
7th) #21 Jimmy Ogden, Clearfield   DNF
8th) #3 Mike Mayhew, Clearfield   DNF