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Hummingbird Speedway

Exciting Saturday Night Dirt Track Racing Action!

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Ina Caltagarone Memorial Race Report
Hummingbird Speedway
April 27, 2013
By: Randy Albert
Ina Caltagarone, wife of track owner Louie Caltagarone and longtime supporter of local racing was remembered at Hummingbird Speedway on Saturday April 27, 2013.  The race was a special event that included an $800.00 to win Steel Block Late Model race sponsored by Robert A. Leonard Jr Trucking.  Also the Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders competed for additional purse money provided by an anonymous donor with extra laps in all three divisions.
Rick Maxim from Reynoldsville was successful in the Steel Block Late Model race with a strong run and a last lap pass to take the win.  Kyle Shannon out of Brockway made a late race charge to take the checkered flag driving in the Street Stock division.  Mike Anderson from DuBois was back at the wheel in the Pure Stock class putting another win on his list.  And with his first ever career win, Randy Albert from Morrisdale went flag to flag for the win in the Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder division.
The Steel Block Late Model division was the first group to take to the clay oval for the evening’s racing entertainment.  Rodney Philips from Punxsutawney and Rick Maxim from Reynoldsville led the field to the green flag with a glimpse of things to come.  Philips jumped to an early lead with Maxim in hot pursuit making numerous challenges on the inside.  Behind them Derek Rodkey from Osceola Mills, Dwayne Brooks out of Falls Creek and Paul Kot from Brockway were mixing it up for position.  Philips was still in control on lap 7 when Brooks and John Reed, from Reynoldsville, got together bringing out the caution.  On the restart it was once again Maxim leaning on Philips as Bernie Whiteford from Hastings worked his way back into the third spot. Maxim and Whiteford bobbled for a split second allowing Rodkey to jump into second with Whiteford and Maxim having to fight to regain positions.  Soon after his pass Rodkey’s machine began to smoke ending his efforts for the night.  Philips was still out front with Whiteford fending off Maxim and Brooks.  Whiteford then slowed and headed to the pits ending his night.  Paul Kot from Brockway was never far from the action the entire race and edged back into the fourth position as the laps wound down.  On the final laps the racing was exciting as Maxim regained momentum placing the nose of his car under Philips numerous times.  Both cars charged hard into turn three on the last lap with Maxim slipping between Philips and the infield tires.  It was just enough of an edge to give him the win.
Heat race winners included Rick Maxim and Rodney Philips in their Steel Block Late Model cars.
The Street Stock machines began their feature race with Don Henry from Falls Creek and Colton Gearhart from DuBois leading the field.  Gearhart was off to a quick lead followed closely by Fuzzy Fields out of Brockport and Skip Lindemuth from Hazen.  An early caution put Fields on the outside for the restart setting up the side by side battle between Fields and Gearhart.  Gearhart finally made it stick and lead the pack, followed closely by Lindemuth and Ed Connor from DuBois.  Joe Kot, also from DuBois, was never far from the action fighting for position just behind the leaders.  Just before the half way point Lindemuth made a move to pass Gearhart.  A few laps later Gearhart and Fields retired from the race with mechanical difficulties.  Connor now pressed the fight for the lead on Lindemuth with both cars running clean smooth low lines.  Kot was looking on from a few car lengths back but couldn’t mount a serious bid for the leaders.  Working his way back toward the front from an early flat tire was Johnny Lindenpitz from Knoxdale.  He looked as if he may have had what was needed to contend for the lead earlier but the tire set back was too much to overcome.  The man on the move from his mid-pack starting spot was Kyle Shannon from Brockway.  He edged his way forward eventually mixing it up with Connor and Lindemuth to see who would lead the group to the checkered flag.  Shannon was fast on the outside and had the advantage coming off of turn four into the lead to take the win in an another last lap shootout.
Heat race winners in the Street Stock class included Kyle Shannon, Joe Kot and Ed Connor.
Jim Challingsworth and Devin Lewis made up the front row for the Pure Stock division.  Jim races out of St Marys and Devin from Weedville.  Early cautions caused a number of changes at the front with the resulting lead being held by Mike Anderson from DuBois followed closely by Shawn Munoz out of Punxsutawney.  Both drivers were at the front by lap number two.  Anderson moved out to a good lead on the restart over Munoz while Dave Kohler of Rockton and Doug Surra from St Marys duked it out for the third and fourth position.  A spin on lap seven regrouped the field to try to reel in Anderson.  Surra and Colton Joiner from DuBois were beginning to close the gap as the leaders began to encounter lap traffic.  Surra and Joiner narrowed the gap closer as the laps wound down and Anderson had company on the last lap.  The three were side by side as they battled for the final bragging rights and checkered flag.  Anderson held on to take the win in another exciting finish.
Pure Stock heat race were won by Doug Surra and Mike Anderson.
The Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders were the last feature race of the evening.  Randy Albert from Morrisdale was on the pole and was flanked to the right by Chuck White from DuBois.  Albert jumped to an early lead with White keeping things close.  Matt Bryant from Weedville wanted a piece of the action and moved alongside White vying for the second position.   Albert continued to maintain the lead at the half way point followed by Bryant, White, and Jody Frantz of DuBois.  Bryant was beginning to make a move toward the lead with five laps to go as he and Albert encountered lapped traffic.  Albert took advantage of the slower cars and the outside line pushing his car toward the finish line.  Bryant was the victim of being held up by the slower cars and a strong running leader.  Albert went on to take his first career win in the special 20 lap event.
Randy Albert and Chuck White were both victorious in their heat races.
The Ina Caltagarone Memorial Race featured 57 cars and drivers honoring the tracks matriarch and competing for the prize.  Trophies were sponsored by the Caltagarone family.  13 Late Model cars entered the competition with 17 Street Stocks, 14 Pure Stocks, and 13 Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders cars making up the show for the evening.  In addition to the memorial race a check was presented to the Hahne Regional Center in the amount of $3,750.00.  The check was part of fund raising activities as part of the Mick Orsich Memorial race held on September 15, 2012.  The presentation was originally scheduled during the Ina Caltagarone race in 2012 which was postponed until tonight due to weather.  The efforts of the Orsich family over the past 7 years have raised nearly $25,000 for cancer care in the DuBois area.
Next week is a regular event at the speedway featuring the Steel Block Late Models, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, and Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders.  Visit the speedway web site at for details on next week’s race, point standings, weekly photographs, and more.
Steel Block Late Models
1.                   102  Rick Maxim  Reynoldsville
2.                   11H  Rodney Philips  Punxsutawney
3.                   36  Paul Kot  Brockway
4.                   9  John Reed  Reynoldsville
5.                   78  Brian Molnar  Falls Creek
6.                   1B  Dwayne Brooks  Falls Creek
7.                   60  Jeff Taylor  Corsica
8.                   33  Bernie Whiteford Hastings
9.                   14R  Derek Rodkey  Osceola Mills
10.               10  Bruce Raybuck  Falls Creek
11.               45  Tim Steis  St Marys
12.               88  Carl Pierce  Hastings
13.               15S DNS Ed Connor  DuBois
Street Stocks
1.                   1S  Kyle Shannon  Brockway
2.                   22  Skip Lindemuth  Hazen
3.                   33  Ed Connor  DuBois
4.                   37  Joe Kot   Brockway
5.                   29L  Johnny Lindenpitz Knoxdale
6.                   69R  Brian Rhed  Brockport
7.                   8F  Dale Yeaney  Brookville
8.                   68  Don Henry  Falls Creek
9.                   43  Pernell Beimel  St Marys
10.               44  Dan Smeal  Houtzdale
11.               T3  Colton Gearhart DuBois
12.               28  Fuzzy Fields  Brockport
13.               46  Dustin Challingsworth St Marys
14.               328  Jay Bloom  Shippenville
15.               05  Brandon Connor DuBois
16.               101  Bruce Hartzfeld  Stump Creek
17.               54 DNS  Shawn Lindemuth Brookville
Pure Stocks
1.                   76  Mike Anderson  DuBois
2.                   3  Doug Surra  Kersey
3.                   1*  Colton Joiner  DuBois
4.                   42  Dave Kohler  Rockton
5.                   73  Devin Lewis  Weedville
6.                   15M  Shawn Munoz  Punxsutawney
7.                   44  Jim Challingsworth St Marys
8.                   25  Steve Goodrow  St Marys
9.                   4T   Randy “Tank” Coombs Big Run
10.               83  Dalton Gustafson Weedville
11.               88  Mike Miller  Rockton
12.               21  Joe DeArmitt  Alexandria
13.               26F  Josh Frantz  DuBois
14.               8  Cory Silvis  Brookville
Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders
1.                   17    Randy Albert  Morrisdale
2.                   32  Matt Bryant  Weedville
3.                   65C  Cory Reitz  Brockway
4.                   15  Jody Frantz  DuBois
5.                   94R  Richelle Sheley  Hazen
6.                   34  Zach Lindemuth  Brockport
7.                   43  Josh Gray   Weedville
8.                   2B  Rusty Murray  Mayport
9.                   73  Troy Peace  Big Run
10.               7K  Chuck White  DuBois
11.               63  Dustin Gray  Weedville
12.               92S DNS Andrew Stano  Saltsburg
13.               29Z DNS Shaun Wulfert  Rochester Mills